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THIS IS MY BIOLOGY. Choke on it.

REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN. at Company One asked important questions about gender equity. The Company One lobby did too. Walking in I was asked four questions by green and red placards: “How will you work to ensure the health and safety of all women in the U.S. in the next 4 years?,” “What does your feminist utopia look like?,” “What gender expectations make you want to revolt?”, and “What thoughts, questions, or reactions do you have to the play?” Post-its and sharpies were available to anyone who wanted to respond, and audience members could place their post-its on the wall next to the placards.

This simple interactive piece created a mosaic of dialogue between audience members, audience members and the show, and audience members and the world. It gave the audience a voice, helped us connect to the space and the show as we actually contributed a piece of ourselves to the event, and got us thinking about our own positions surrounding the themes of REVOLT.  In response to the first question, some post-its read “Donate to Planned Parenthood,” “Support rape crisis/trauma informed work,” “Be a rabid feminist,” and “Making sure I’m being intersectional.” In response to the second question, some read, “Changing tables in men’s restrooms,” “Female orgasms 24/7,” “NO TRUMP,” and “ABSOLUTE EQUALITY.” The third question inspired responses like, “Women eating fucking salads,” “bras,” “SMILE,” and “feeling the need to apologize for EVERYTHING.” “What gender expectations make you want to revolt?” got me thinking about how people are constantly asking me to shave my legs, and how I AM SO OVER IT. I grabbed a post-it and wrote, “Stop fucking telling me to shave my legs. My hair, or lack thereof, does NOT define my womanhood.”


When I walked out I sat in the Boston Center for the Arts garden and wrote an angry REVOLT poem:

Stop fucking asking me, suggesting, recommending, and begging me to shave my legs.

My hair is ME, my hair grows, it IS.

Who the fuck said women don’t grow hair?

The people who thought it’d be profitable to sell razors to women?

The porn industry who makes hairy vaginas an exclusion from the norm?



It grows on our legs. On our vaginas. On our armpits. Under our chins. Between our nose and mouth.We. Have. Hair.

Stop trying to naturalize the un-natural. THIS IS MY BIOLOGY. THIS IS MY FEMALE-NESS. The FACT that I have hair makes me no less of a woman, a girl, a female.

And you know what fucking else? It’s sexy. It’s gorgeous. It’s my authentic self. I’m exhausted by your telling me that I need to EDIT it out. I WILL NOT EDIT WHO I AM FOR YOUR OWN FUCKING COMFORT.

If I ever shave my legs, I will gather up each follicle and serve it for you to choke on.

Swallow that, motherfuckers.

All best,

The girl who won’t shave her true-ness off

About gbfontenele

Director and dramaturg in training. Free spirit and questioner from the beginning.

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