A Lesson in Getting Out of the Way: Queerness on Stage in India

My roommate Sophia is taking a “Sex and Gender through an Anthropological Perspective” course here at BU, exploring and comparing global cultural experiences of identity across time and geography. As we excitedly talked about her course at home, I had to settle into my Americanized understanding of queerness. While I believe this is understandable, particularly […]

Theatre of the Oppressed Tools Work for Everyone

Last week, I attended Katy Rubin’s (BU SOT ‘07) Theatre of the Oppressed workshop here at the CFA. Rubin is the Founding Executive Director of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, and trained formally under Augusto Boal at the Center for the Theatre of the Oppressed (TO) in Brazil, along with other training in circus arts […]

Be More Chill Heats Up

Yesterday I learned that Be More Chill, an adaptation of the YA novel by the same name that has a killer OCR on Spotify (you should listen) will be going Off-Broadway this season. In light of the news, I went back through the album and listened to the whole thing in order, remembering how I […]

Theatre of the Oppressed: Eastern Europe and the United States

After reading and discussing Family Stories: Belgrade in the context of our course, two other political theatre pieces came to my mind: Vaclav Havel’s The Memorandum, and the production of Counting Sheep that my mom and family attended at Stanford University earlier this spring. Both of these pieces also tackle the political climates of their […]

Alanna watches most of One Day at a Time in one day

This week, I want to remind myself of the things that I have enjoyed in the entertainment world because I am tired, and it is snowing this morning, and I want it to be spring and be in better spirits.  Yesterday I watched many hours of One Day at a Time. If you didn’t catch […]

The future of form and content

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve noticed myself coming away from reading plays and watching performances with a new favorite point of analysis: the marriage or dissonance of form and content. These are terms that we all know and use, but I think that I only truly deepened the understanding and purpose […]

Model Ensemble: The TEAM

Starting next week, our school will go back into the rehearsal mode, and I and fellow Contemporary Drama student and director Sara Katzoff will go into the process of Rachel Chavkin and The TEAM’s Particularly in the Heartland. The TEAM (Theatre of the Emerging American Moment, originally) is a devising ensemble striving to challenge, question, […]