I’m going to Israel! Participate in my research!

As my last post before going abroad, I thought I would do some quick research on Israeli theatre so I could be prepared and you could know what I might be getting up to while I’m away in the Middle East. My research only reaffirms my thoughts about theatre’s potential. Israeli theatre’s beginnings start before […]

Make Them Laugh

Last night I started watching Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi. I heard of it a while ago because I watched Tig’s documentary on Netflix, on her cancer diagnosis, C-diff, and following stand-up show. Maybe it’s just my sense of humor, or that I like when gay women are successful, but I have really enjoyed what I […]

Back to Ajax

My Gender and War class has had me thinking of theatrical solutions to international, and specifically military, problems. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the potential of theatre for development, focusing in particular on one example in Cameroon. Today, I am remembering Ajax. And it just so happened that on my first scan into […]

I want to do burlesque.

I want to do burlesque.

This goes beyond my interest in the genre of camp from last year’s dramatic literature course, but I can’t say they’re completely separated. If there is anything in this world that would make me feel confident about my body image, my sexuality, and/or my expression of art, it would to successfully complete a burlesque performance. […]

Theatre for Development is Theatre for Everyone!

Now that I am taking a dramaturgy class, I see it everywhere. Kind of like when I learned about Viewpoints, and now I can’t stop seeing people walking in patterns with kinesthetic relationship or architecture on Comm Ave. Surrounded as I am with theatre and theatre people, I just keep running into the expansive support […]


If this weekend performing Femina Shakes’ Hamlet taught me anything, it is that I am grateful to be an actor in an educational setting. I am especially grateful to be an actor in an educational setting that encompasses directing and dramaturgy and design in addition to performance. I like feeling like I can walk away […]

TYA and our political future

As I wrote about in my first blog post, many of my peers from back home have decided to focus their theatrical attention on young and/or neurodivergent audiences. In particular, my friends Maddie Rostami and Maddie Napel, students at Northwestern, are on theatre boards of student-run companies that specifically make work that is TYA (theatre […]