Capitol Theatre Needs More Capitol

Flint Michigan is trying to reopen the historic Capitol Theatre, and it is not going well. Why? Flint is not willing to freeze the property tax on the location for the next 12 years, which financially may not be viable. This $21-million dollar project aims to bring the theatre back to life. By doing this it […]

This Is Thesis

So the thesis project I was working on closed a few days ago. Myself and a good friend both wrote one act plays and directed the other person’s one act play. It was a lot of work… it was asking a lot of the actors playing the multiple roles… and it was a lot of […]

Level Nine: More Than Just Theatre

So the Guthrie Theatre, with the help of the Mellon Foundation, are doing something pretty GD sweet. They are beginning the “Level Nine” initiative which will create new work, devised pieces, and host much much more. This is a space for theatre and community and it gets even better… ALL SHOWS IN THE SPACE WILL […]

Alone With Theatre

I spend a lot of time by myself. I would say I prefer to be alone during most parts of my day which is incredibly inconvenient as an extrovert. But, even when I do get a chance to be by myself, I rarely am alone. The digital age has made it increasingly difficult for people […]

The Women of Waitress

The musical Waitress is becoming the third musical in Broadway history to have an entirely female creative team. Give that a moment to settle in. While I mean in no way to diminish the excitement of an entirely female creative team, I do need to stop and ask why this has only happened 3 times on Broadway. […]

Last MAN Standing

This week began rehearsals for mine and my friends thesis. We both wrote One-Act plays with 4 Woman casts. This was in an effort to 1) Only need a cast of 4 between the two of us 2) Create more female roles and 3) reflect the casting pool that exists at our school. This made […]

RE: White Male Playwrights

So recently Howlround published an article titled Appropriating Cultures for Fun and Profit. This was written by a straight, white, male, old, middle-class, well-educated Jewish American-Canadian, which the writer boasts in the article. I opened it hoping for satire… It was not satire… So I responded in the comments section as follows. What I have been […]