Capitol Theatre Needs More Capitol

Flint Michigan is trying to reopen the historic Capitol Theatre, and it is not going well. Why? Flint is not willing to freeze the property tax on the location for the next 12 years, which financially may not be viable. This $21-million dollar project aims to bring the theatre back to life. By doing this it […]

This Is Thesis

So the thesis project I was working on closed a few days ago. Myself and a good friend both wrote one act plays and directed the other person’s one act play. It was a lot of work… it was asking a lot of the actors playing the multiple roles… and it was a lot of […]

Level Nine: More Than Just Theatre

So the Guthrie Theatre, with the help of the Mellon Foundation, are doing something pretty GD sweet. They are beginning the “Level Nine” initiative which will create new work, devised pieces, and host much much more. This is a space for theatre and community and it gets even better… ALL SHOWS IN THE SPACE WILL […]

Alone With Theatre

I spend a lot of time by myself. I would say I prefer to be alone during most parts of my day which is incredibly inconvenient as an extrovert. But, even when I do get a chance to be by myself, I rarely am alone. The digital age has made it increasingly difficult for people […]

The Women of Waitress

The musical Waitress is becoming the third musical in Broadway history to have an entirely female creative team. Give that a moment to settle in. While I mean in no way to diminish the excitement of an entirely female creative team, I do need to stop and ask why this has only happened 3 times on Broadway. […]

Last MAN Standing

This week began rehearsals for mine and my friends thesis. We both wrote One-Act plays with 4 Woman casts. This was in an effort to 1) Only need a cast of 4 between the two of us 2) Create more female roles and 3) reflect the casting pool that exists at our school. This made […]

RE: White Male Playwrights

So recently Howlround published an article titled Appropriating Cultures for Fun and Profit. This was written by a straight, white, male, old, middle-class, well-educated Jewish American-Canadian, which the writer boasts in the article. I opened it hoping for satire… It was not satire… So I responded in the comments section as follows. What I have been […]

Writing About Reading About Writing

This week I have read a slew of articles on Howlround about being a playwright. To spare long winded analysis I will now provide a long winded linkfest Dramatis Personae, or One White Playwright’s Appeal For Confronting Privilege Onstage by MJ Halberstadt. Too Young to Take Over, Too Old to Ignore by Alexa Derman “Theatre Is […]

Equal Representation: Small Steps

Last Friday the League of Professional Theatre Women (LPTW) gave the “LPTW Seal of Approval” to 12 Off-Broadway theatres. There are 2 different seals a group could get, either for at least 50/50 representation in female playwrights or the same for female directors over the past five seasons. LPTW awarded the Gold Seal to Ensemble Studio Theatre, for […]


Let me preface this post with the fact that I am not a huge fan of Musicals… so the fact that I am writing about Musical Theatre Factory in a positive light should be an indicator that something pretty cool happened. But lets start with the bad thing that happened. So Musical Theatre Factory lost […]


On March 5th wikipedia will see the 3rd Art+Feminism Edit-a-thon  at the Museum of Modern Art’s Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Education and Research Building from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.. This day of editing will see that Female artists, Feminist art movements, and Feminist Scholarship is better represented across wikipedia. Already, this sounds like […]

Podcasts: DVR Radio

Hello Folks! Its been about a year since I posted here and with the new year (and new class). I am back and ready for action and coming out the gates talking about one of my favorite things. Why Podcasts? They are the “in thing” right now, and if you aren’t listening to one I’m […]

InterACTive: Theatrical Team Building

Out in Chicago a production just opened called The Last Defender, and interactive piece of theatre where the audience of 16 people try to prevent the destruction of the world. The stakes are high, the puzzles are difficult, and the success rate barely exists. Also… the poster is pretty fucking epic Now, I don’t have the […]

Taking Risks: The Future of Theatre

Today, as I looked through headlines about whats going on in the theatre world I saw one that caught my attention, “Why theatre should be a risky business”. This immediately caught my attention as I have been learning a lot more about what the world of theatre I will soon be entering is like. What […]

“Exhibit B”

Back in September our Dramaturgy class took sometime to talk about a performance art piece titled Exhibit B which had its opening night in London cancelled this September due to protests that arose around its content as you can read about here. After two successful days of being open in Paris  the Gerard Philippe de Saint-Denis theatre […]

Self-Advocating and Being Brave

“I get worried when we talk about protecting the playwright… I don’t know what that means. If I’m being protected from Ben Brantley, that’s one thing. If I’m being protected from dramaturgs, that scares me because my entire career is based on the love and care of good dramaturgs. And if I’m being protected from […]

Too Much Theater

When I stumbled across an article about a city having too much theater, my first reaction was probably along the lines of this Which is probably why I stayed on board to read the entire article… and by golly if it didn’t put forward a rational point. While I love theatre and want it to […]

Hard Work and a Touch of Luck

Ayad Akhtar is a Pulitzer Prize winner with a play on Broadway. He has been called the “voice of the American Muslim in theater” by the Wall Street Journal. He has gone from having his play put on in front of an audience of 130 people to a house of 900 over the period of […]

Critics and Playwrights and Something Inbetween

Over the past month I have been part of a new play dramaturgy project at BU which has made me think a lot about where I am as an artist. I learned a tremendous amount about what it means to read, re-read and give criticism to a new piece. During this time I also realized […]

DIY Theatre: Not About Yourself

Do It Yourself theatre is not a new idea for me. I know about wokring hard for projects I care about and using non-traditional methods to see those projects through. Just because its not a new idea to me doesn’t mean I don’t smile wide when I see it hit the news. So reading this […]