The Handmaid’s (Feminist?) Tale

Please watch (and read) The Handmaid’s Tale. Now that I’ve said that, I have some questions. Some internet commentary surrounding how the show is being promoted on its press tour has raised questions about the reluctance of the producers, showrunner, writers, and actors to call the show feminist and to speak about it as the political entity […]

A letter from Artistic Director, Emma Rice

There’s been a new development in the saga that is Emma Rice and Shakespeare’s Globe. Since the announcement in October that Rice would step down as artistic director in April 2018 after only two years, this week marks the first time that Rice has written publicly about the subject in an open letter to the next […]

Joshua Sobel’s Sinners (The English Teacher) – Problematic Play or Problematic Production?

Last week I saw Greensboro Arts Alliance & Residency/The Mirror Theatre and New Rep/BCAP co-production of Joshua Sobol’s 2008 play Sinners (The English Teacher), which had its American premiere last summer at The Mirror Theatre in Vermont. I knew little about the production going in to it but I was excited to see the work of […]

Julie’s Greenroom

I spent my afternoon with Julie Andrews today. After a couple weeks of going back and forth about whether it would be worth a half hour of my time to watch the new preschool-targeted Netflix show created by and starring Julie Andrews, today I decided to snuggle up with my lunch and watch it. Now, […]

When Some Accessibility is Not Enough

After reading John Belluso’s Pyretown and Aditi Brennan Kapil’s Love Person recently in Drama Lit I’ve been thinking more about accessibility to the theatre in regards to physical disability. We learned about how the Geva Theatre Center who first produced Pyretown struggled to adapt to the needs of a wheelchair using actor but ultimately found a simple, economical solution […]

Back to My Roots

“No sheep.” This is the motto I lived by throughout my four years of high school at Gann — “The Academy,” as we called it. We had a sheep with an X over it painted on the wall of our green room. But as much as we were encouraged to not be sheep, we fiercely […]

I did the work!

I had high hopes of writing a post a week about Emmeline, the opera I just closed, but those hopes fell away as tech and opening came and went. Now that we’ve closed, in addition to the usual reflecting on the process itself that I do on my own and with my advisor, I want to […]