Ambition and laziness

I’ve been reading a lot of Mac Rogers’ words in the past few weeks, because my final was a dramaturgical exploration of his very excellent play Viral. I came across this article of his that really had no place in my blog or essays but is truly excellent. He’s a guest blogger on Larry Pontius’ […]

The Play: A Critical Response

The Play is part of DigitalTheatre’s Gulf Stage project. Gulf Stage is “a unique digital project that transcends geographical barriers through artistic innovation” ( The process of development was to set up a competition for six countries in the Middle East to produce and perform a play for film which would then be streamed via […]

An Iliad at Arts Emerson (#latetotheparty)

My post about Denis O’Hare’s An Iliad is late; I am posting my thoughts here after the run at ArtsEmerson has closed. This does not concern me, however, because I have enormous faith that this production will find its way to a long and powerful touring run. An Iliad was one of the most remarkable […]

Reflections on the past week in Boston

The past week in Boston felt like (I ask you with my whole heart to please forgive me for this:) a marathon. Many hearts broke in many different ways, and many wounded people reached into themselves in order to find words to communicate their experience. Stuck inside for so much of the week, I found […]

Approaches to Criticism

I recently encountered Dominic Taylor’s “Two Considerations for Criticism.” This article, published on howlround, suggests that there are two central ideas that he does not hear critics discussing: 1)      The primary function of the work 2)      The primary audience The idea that critics do not consider this frightens me, and yet, I witness it from […]

Implicit Bias test

This is the link to Harvard’s Implicit Association Test to determine implicit bias.

Tim Crouch interview

Here is the link to a magnificent interview between Tim Crouch and Caridad Svich.