Big Kid Stuff

So, you want to be an artist? Great! You’ve gone bout the appropriate steps: applied to theatre school, put some time (and money) in an institution learning the basics of acting, voice work, reading the classics (and hopefully the contemporary too), cultivating your general awareness of the world, have worked on some plays, and hey.  Now you’re finally, […]

Women, War, and Theatre

One of the most successful things theatre can do is respond thoughtfully to events happening in the world.  Recently I’ve been reading and studying different playwrights, directors, and theatre makers doing just this, and the overarching theme is: War.  These artists are asking the necessary questions: What are the lasting affects of war?  How do we acknowledge/ignore it?  What […]

Keyword: Collaboration

I’m currently in the throes of devising a new play.  It’s really hard.  I’m doing this with three other classmates of mine at Boston University, all just a few weeks away from receiving our long awaited BFA’s.  With three weeks left until we open, we’ve established and (finally) finalized a concept, a basic structure of […]

Antarctica: A Blank Space for Possibility

“We will appear very soon,” reads the sign hanging above an empty stage. At least, the stage is void of people. It is however, covered with instruments—a drum set taking center stage, keyboards and pianos strewn left and right, microphones all over, guitars to the left, other various instruments, and large mysterious domes hanging out […]

A Spectrum of Experience: The Amish Project

Resilience. Compassion. Love. Confusion. Hatred. Despair. Empathy. The realities of these words live within us all, often simultaneously. This is the human condition. How can one both fully hate and love? How do we find compassion in the midst of despair? And how do we walk through life with heads held high in the midst […]

Spectacle-Based Drama

Jay Ruby, founder of The Carpetbag Brigade, recently wrote a blog post on HowlRound as the first part of a series were he will address the “basic tenants of spectacle-based drama” through the lens of his theatre company. This first blog of the series lays out the basics: What differentiates spectacle from drama? How do the […]

Spoiler Alert: All of the Children Die

This Sunday I had the pleasure of seeing Company One’s production of SHOCKHEADED PETER, presented in part with Suffolk University at the Modern Theatre. SHOCKHEADED PETER originated in 1998 through collaboration between Phelim McDermott and Julian Crouch of London’s Improbable Theatre, and a British “Brechtian Punk Cabaret” band called The Tiger Lillies. They sought to […]