Some hypothetical math and a real idea.

Since discussing the state of the theatre with Diane Ragsdale in class, and after reading vstalli’s recent post about needing a new business model for the theatre, I’ve been wondering if my company‘s ticket incentive could fit the bill in some way for other small companies. We give each performer their own discount code (i.e. for […]


I feel like I start every post with “Wow.” I’ll have to go back through them and check that. Maybe not. But– Wow. This totally unrestful Thanksgiving break was full of Home Depot and painting and cleaning and rehearsing and LOAD IN! That’s right. My little company, Anthem Theatre Company, is in the midst of […]

Nine times…a charm

I was extremely heartened to read the New York Times article by Zachary Woolfe about his experience viewing a single opera nine times at the Met. His usual seat, (the Times’ reviewer’s seat, Row L seats 1-3 and likely on that early press opening-night,) had afforded him a lovely place on a lovely night to review […]

Beside the Table

Auditions are so unnatural. We all know this…it’s a necessary evil, yadayadayada. Everyone tries to make it better. But they’re just ew. (Funny our dramaturgy teacher brought this up today as I was about to offer this entry! It’s always a fact of life in this business!) I have been fortunate enough in my time […]


Lily Janiak’s Howlround blog post, about Young Female Characters in plays that she’d recently reviewed, struck a real chord in me. In the post, Janiak had seen three young-female-centric plays in the San Fransisco Bay area, all with varying degrees of success in creating strong, true characters. She was able to stand behind one, which she […]

R and J all over the place…

Romeo and Juliet is one of those plays that people think they’ve seen a million times. By people, I mean me. I hyperbolically thought to myself that I’d seen it a hundred times. But REALLY how many times? I have seen two productions, and two movies. It has a story that feels like it’s a […]

Ensemble Ouija Blender?

As an MFA student at Boston University, I have the privilege of being in a class called “Design Master Class”–which is a bit of a misnomer, because it looks to be quite more. It could ostensibly be called “The Collaboration Blender”. All of the first year Master’s degree students in all of the disciplines, from […]

You call yourself a professional? (Maybe you should.)

This insightful blog post by Melissa Hillman has defined perfectly, for me, what being a “professional” means for the artist.  Or rather, that the word “professional” itself can be used to describe me, despite what my paycheck may say at any given point. I am sure every theatre artist has had this experience at some time or other in […]

Shameless (Plugging)

It has been shockingly hard for me to write this post. For the last 5-6 weeks I have been working on a play with my group, Anthem Theatre Company. We are newly relocated to Boston from New York City, where we felt like we were one of a million small companies, fighting like dogs for […]

What I don’t want

This is my first week of graduate school as an MFA Directing candidate at Boston University. I have been ruminating over my personal process all week, trying to decide the best course of action for myself, so that I get the very most out of my time here. I know a few things: I want […]