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Now What?

This past weekend I completed my Senior Acting Thesis.

That is a sentence I cannot believe I just typed. The past four years have felt as though they have culminated in this moment; a chance for me to share with friends, family members and teachers the experiences I have gained since starting my training freshman year. Although I started “formally” working on my thesis in September, it has been alive in my brain since before I even started at BU. Just learning about the notion of a Senior Acting Thesis back when I was a BUSTI student was both terrifying and inspiring. Having the space to create an experience that was all mine, with material of my choosing, was like being invited to play on the worlds most insanely fun jungle gym all by myself.

But what I learned this weekend was that the jungle gym was much more populated than I could have ever anticipated. Before we went on stage Saturday night, we gathered as a major to give each other some last words of encouragement and something that came to me as I was standing there has stuck with me. My thesis was not just “my thesis.” It was 28 other peoples theses as well. I owe just as much of the artist I am today to my peers as I do to myself. Knowing that I wasn’t going in alone, that I had an army of friends and collaborators behind me, made the process and the product that much richer and more rewarding.

As we continue to move closer and closer towards graduation, I want to make sure that I don’t loose sight of the strong sense of community I feel right now. It is so incredibly important to be  a part of something greater than myself, especially right now. This weekend proved to me that there is NOTHING more powerful than a supportive, curious, intelligent and imaginative collective of artists who find themselves reaching towards the same goals. Not only will I make it my absolute mission to maintain my relationships with these people as we move into the new and exciting chapters of our lives, but I will also vow to seek out new relationships with people I admire and respect. We are stronger together. Always.

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