Kyra Tantao


I, Kyra Teresa Tantao Upon graduating with a (motha-fuckin’) BFA from Boston University AM HERBY CONTRACTED TO:   Take up lots of space – as much as humanly possible But always leave room for others. I promise I will always have my voice heard & to make lots of noise. And I will make sure […]

Another year of design

As many of you know, I work in the School of Theatre office as a marketing assistant, with my main job being the creator of posters for our season of shows. This position is also a part of my self-designed concentration, Graphic Design and Advertising For the Arts. It’s a study focused on how to create […]

MY Fornés Story

Last weekend, Línda shared a post about how the Latinx Theater Commons María Irene Fornés Institute Symposium at Princeton University is collecting Fornés stories to be archived as a part of their “Living Legacy Installation.” Fornés’ writing has stuck with me strong the past several years, so I became very excited at the prompt. When I was in high […]

Things You Should Know About: Charcoal Magazine

Charcoal Magazine is the first and only of it’s kind at Boston University: a student-run art publication created by and for artists of color that explores and celebrates the intersections of identity and art that features writing, illustration, photography, and subject profiles. “Going to BU as a person of color at a predominantly white institution, […]

A Celebration of Damon Albarn

Just a few days ago, on March 23, the brilliant and multi-talented Damon Albarn turned 50 years old. Albarn is a musician in every aspect of the word: singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. In his short lifetime he has created a deep universe of beautiful and stimulating work in a range of different forms. He […]

Cynthia Nixon, Go Get ‘Em.

Today, via twitter, Cynthia Nixon, best known as Miranda Hobbs on ‘Sex and the City’  announced that she would be running for New York Governor. A lot of eyes were rolled as another celebrity enters a political race. TIME notes, “she has never run for, or held office before,” but also, “the actress has been politically […]

A List Of The First 10 Stereotypical Latinx Characters That I Could Think Of Off The Top Of My Head

As a Latina actor about to enter the workforce, I’ve been trying to find the types of roles I fit into and the actors that I can compare myself to. In the process, I’ve found an overwhelming amount of characters that would not be as beloved or entertaining to most mainstream audiences if not for […]