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How to sell myself…just tip of the iceberg.

I am in post-grad land these days trying to build my life after I leave the walls of the CFA and I must admit that I am very excited!

The main givens going out are that the path of an artist is difficult, the financial struggle is so real, and that embracing uncertainty is key. I have accepted these things, and have decided that the way to go at this moment at least, is to identify my strengths and skills as a human being and artists and to look for specific avenues in which those strengths and skills would be appreciated, and useful—and that these specific avenues are to be jobs/artistic projects. Perhaps this is obvious. But for me, thinking this way, takes me directly out of the head space of trying to mold myself to fit into what I think the world wants from me in this industry, and puts me into a headspace of genuine self empowerment at all times.  This makes me happy and confident and like…that’s all I can ask for right now because in my development as a human being in this world, it is a huge thing. So yay me.

And now the next thing…How to navigate the entertainment industry as an actress of color and maintain that headspace of genuine self-empowerment.

And then the next harder thing within that is…how do I sell myself?

Yes, the more specific givens as a young actress of color in the good ol USofA is that my physical body on stage is a political statement, I will be confronted with all the stereotypes and be asked to play them, and that meaty roles are not going to be made easily available for a substantial paycheck for a little while. I think about these things everyday as I look at audition calls and ask myself…how do I sell myself? I think perhaps, the ticket is that I sell myself differently based on the specific industry and location. I think perhaps, that there is much more research involved in successfully marketing myself. AND THEN, there’s the toggling back and forth about how I am going to revolutionize, and push back against these given circumstances I am under. To use the master’s tools to tear down the master’s house necessitates that I know the master’s house intimately so that I may use the tools to strategically tear it down.

I do not really know how to do that right now to be honest. I can say that I am actively thinking about how to maintain my self-empowerment, and market myself successfully in this industry in a strategic manner that aims to push back on it’s the systematic oppressive values.

Next steps?

Study the theatre industry intimately.

Study the film industry intimately.

Begin Strategic planning.





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