Critical Response: “Over There” by Mark Ravenhill

“Over There” by Mark Ravenhill is an incredibly well crafted portrayal of the conflict in Germany between native Berliners after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Twin brothers, separated by the wall for years, reunite and attempt to live together, learning that despite having blood, parents, and a cosmic connection all in common, they are […]

Theatre and Autisim: How Social Skills Are Engraved In The Performing Arts

A close family friend of mine has Asperger’s Syndrome, a autism-spectrum disorder, which causes her great social anxiety and great difficulty communicating with people. I spent much of my young life with her, always mediating between the larger social spectrum and her anxiety, trying to come to an understanding for all parties. However, when I […]

Critical Response: Becoming Cuba by Melinda Lopez

The second-to-last show in the Huntington’s 2013-14 season is “Becoming Cuba”, a new play by Boston-based playwright Melinda Lopez. The play takes place in a pharmaceutical shop in 1897, while the Spanish and American tensions regarding the Cuban War of Independence rise, leading to the Spanish-American War. Lopez writes of two sisters running the pharmacy […]

Critical Response “The Flick”

Company One’s production of The Flick honored and illuminated Annie Baker’s story of three mismatched movie workers with great truth and passion. Baker’s fifth fully produced full-length play had its New England premiere at Company One this February, re-introducing me and the Boston Theatre Community to the powerful nature of Baker’s work. Company One is […]

Pina Bausch Syndrome-What We SHOULD Be Having

Pina Bausch’s dance company has done a magnificent thing since her passing in 2009: survived. In a recent article by The Telegraph, Sarah Crompton explores the past few years in the Tanztheater Wuppertal dance company and how the evolution of the company has not only continued, but thrived in bringing in young and new collaborators. […]

Okay, I know my blog title is cute, but really Bombsite and Bomb magazine are the best things that have come into my life as young artist. The brash and honest interviews, the flowing language, it all melds together into a powerful collage of contemporary theatre analysis. I was reading an article in which Richard […]

Giving Back To Your Artistic Upbringing (where the f**k am I moving?)

No mater where we start, the conversation of “where are you moving?” constantly works its way into conversation between my peers and I. As the Senior Class prepares to go out into the nation and become active theatre artists, I often find that I am torn between moving to some grand city (alright, lets be […]