Viviana Vargas

Responding to a wake up call

Arts Council England just released a statement on Monday Dec 8th about funding cuts for theatres that don’t show attempts to make their work more diverse. The week before also in Britain, Meera Syal a writer and actor interviewed with The Stage Magazine and talked about vast potential for diverse audiences, in particular Asian audiences, […]

Theatrical Experiences and Storytelling

HowlRound director, Polly Carl, came for a class workshop/discussion last week. One point that really stuck out to me was her broader outlook of theatre as storytelling; in this way, the confinements of what we think the allowed materials to make theatre performances are less ingrained. Going to see Sleep No More in New York […]

Coined “Czar” and it’s negative implications in our battle for The Arts

I understand that the term “Czar” for positions specific to tackle certain issues in all levels of government has become a coined term in the U.S….but can we just take a moment to notice that we are actually calling people czars? I guess once you’ve said it enough you forget what it feels like to […]

New Generation Latinos

The Latino Theatre Company who operates the LATC that housed “Encuentro 2014” produced Premeditation by Evelina Fernandez as their contribution to the festival. The plays seems like a good choice to present in order to appeal to all the different Latin American theatre artists at this festival, generation wise I mean. Since the inception of […]

Ayad Akhtar- Releasing Limitations

A week ago I started rehearsals for a project of a series of 10 minute plays all student directed and I was annoyed at myself that I didn’t know all the playwrights of the 3 plays I was in. We started this semester in Dramaturgy class talking about the importance of getting to know and […]

Theater Money

In relation to a topic we’ve been discussing in class, an article this week originally from The Wall Street Journal about financing local theater companies stuck out to me. In What It Takes to Keep Community Theater Running, Kevin Bass explores three examples of community theaters that have struggled but are remaining afloat and offer […]

Ivy League Arts

The Harvard Crimson recently posted about the new “Theater, Dance and Media” major or rather concentration to be offered for its students for fall of 2015. At first, being at BU in its B.F.A. Theatre Arts major, I think it can’t as good as our program because it’s so broad. I am proud of my […]