My New Play Chanukah List

I was asked to write a paper for my playwriting class about what shows written in the past year I would produce at my fictional theatre company. When I look at the world of new plays I constantly think of that first production. I am a firm believer that that first production and probably the […]

The Healing Power of Comedy

The art of stand-up comedy is one that often doesn’t get studied by those not in the field. Upon first glance it looks almost easy to get up on stage and tell a few personal stories, making light of events that in the time they happened may have been life-changing, even traumatic. According to a […]

Art History

My first blog post of the semester focused on the Globe’s productions of Richard the 3rd and Twelfth Night which are now playing on Broadway in rep. The meat of the blog centered around the choice to do both plays with all-male casts and whether or not it was being used as a marketing gimmick. […]

The Dramaturgical Validity of The Last Temptation of Kanye West

The well-made play structure serves concerts as well, or “How dramaturgy factors into the YEEZUS tour.”   Yes. As much as it baffles me too, I couldn’t stop thinking about theatre during Kanye West’s TD Garden performance this last Sunday. Not only did the show (I can’t even refer to it as merely a concert) […]

What and How?

The first time I went to New York I was 16. I remember being so excited – as I was very recently getting into theatre – and viewed Broadway as the be-all, end-all of theatre: the best of the best. Before I left though, I was baffled at the amount of friends and family I […]

Where are all of the horror plays?

I’ve asked this question since I first starting doing theatre, at 14. In the fifth grade I remember seeing a one-act of The Fall of the House of Usher on a field trip and being captivated by the sense of dread I felt in that theatre. Ever since I thought (and still do) that theatre […]

The Hats We Wear

“Dear Benedict,  Thank you for trying to contact me. It is the first approach by anyone from the Dreamworks production to me or WikiLeaks.”   So begins Julian Assange’s letter to Benedict Cumberbatch about his portrayal of Assange in the new film, The Fifth Estate. Assange’s letter goes on to document several real concerns the […]

The Shutdown of History

“What happens to the arts, especially federally funded institutions, when there is a government shutdown?”   I had heard various forms of this question for the past couple weeks leading up to the shut down last week and was very much left in the dark. It wasn’t until going on line and looking for myself […]

When The Lights Go Out…

  What can be said about the end of the world now that couldn’t be said on December 21st, 2012? For one, there seems to be a lot more ambiguity surrounding the subject. Ancient predictions on Mayan calendars, mixed with post-Y2K anit-climax, have begun to infuse them with more and more film and theatre over […]


In the wake of the newest iPhone updates and technological renovations, artists have begun speaking out on the negative effects of the newest software. I’m thinking specifically about comedian, Louis C.K. who went on The Conan Show last week, and instead of speaking about his newest stand-up hour or his recent Emmy nomination, he used […]

The Upside of Slowing Down

In the beginning, there was a laugh. When I first heard my mother laugh I felt a surge of joy course through my body and ripple through my brain sending the message to my entire nervous system I gotta get some of that. That’s when I found the theatre. Since I first made my mother […]

Artistry, History, or Gimmick?

This fall, Broadway will be graced with a bit of tradition. The London Globe productions of Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd  and Twelfth Night; or What you Will are coming to New York for a strict sixteen-week engagement. Both shows will begin previews October 15th and besides featuring renowned actor and former Globe artistic director, Mark […]