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Information Overload

I have found myself very averse to technology as of late. I tire of seeing people behind small glowing screens, even when they are out with their friends or family, trying to enjoy each other’s ‘company.’ However I believe I have no fallen on the opposite side of the spectrum in terms of leaving that technology behind.


I have been sitting behind my screen trying to come up with something I feel passionately about to write, something I want to share with a wider audience that is inside my head at this moment. And to be perfectly honest, I have not been able to think of much.

It may in fact be useful, not to get too attached to my Mac or my iPhone, but it is not at all useful pretend that these are not important to us. As a theater artist, knowing what is going on in the world around me will help shape the kind of art I make, the kind of discussions I want to inspire and helps me see the kind of dialogue that is already happening in the arts world.

However, I would like to believe that I am not the only person that is a bit afraid to the plethora of social media sites and quick availability to information that I have access to with the click of a button. So how can those of us who find themselves overwhelmed at the whims of the Google search bar find a way to navigate keeping ourselves educated with current events?

Although I still don’t have all the answers to this very important question, I have found ways that have begun to alleviate this stressor. Finding certain websites in which I have found reliable news has been essential, and visiting these instead of blindly googling to try and find news makes the search for knowledge much more focused. Websites like NPR or Mother Jones are very informative and have a variety of stories.

Also, asking questions. I should not be afraid to let my peers know that I do not always have the answers. I sometimes learn the most important news from a friend who is more up to date than myself. There is no shame in openly admitting I do not know something yet, only shame in being too proud to learn. It doesn’t stop there: as a theater artist and also simply a person in the world, it is my job to do some further research, but when I have something specific in mind the Google bar seems to not be so terrifying anymore.

Lastly, accepting that there are a lot of things to learn in this world. There is no way I will ever learn them all. But isn’t that exciting?

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