Who’s Got the Power?

Recently, acclaimed British singer Lily Allen released a new pop song that condemns Americanized pop music.The Brit claims that the music industry over sexualizes and objectifies women as a whole. The fact that Lily Allen is expressing her views about the music industry so publicly is no surprise to her fans. The singer has never […]

No More Fly-Over

Recently, while browsing my Facebook, I came across a Kickstarter project that caught my eye: Middle Ground.   Middle Ground is a publicly funded radio show that centers on Middle America. In fact, this national show claims one of its main missions is to exclude Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC.    The head of […]

Why Do We Clap?

This last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing the first preview performance of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot with Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. First and foremost, the play was wonderful. The entire company put forth such thoughtful and inspiring work. It almost felt like the Theatrical Powers That Be kissed my […]

This One’s for the Kids

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing three of my peers in Phil Berman’s new play Three Blessed Brothers.  Now, compared to other plays done at Boston University, I’ll be honest– this one was an oddball. Not only was it a comedy (an unheard of type of production here in the school of theatre), […]

I mentioned in my last blog post that I am currently in a devised production where we explore female historic figures whose lives have somehow intersected with the infamous Henry VIII. We are an all female cast dealing (mostly) with all female issues– (but how can we say what those qualify as, in all honesty). […]

One, Two, Three, Devise?

Currently, I am in a devised theatre project called Women of Henry VIII. Every actor has been given a female historical figure who’s somehow intersected with the infamous king. We then, were given the task to just, create something. A piece of theatre.   Now, let’s go back. What is devised theatre? I’ll be honest. I […]


I was reading an article this week (and by “an article” I mean Buzzfeed) about Hollywood actors taking the stage in New York. Like any semi-pretentious, semi-entitled college theatre student, I rolled my eyes as I clicked the link. Great. Another 2010 Tony Awards waiting to happen. Hollywood invades Broadway.  The tagline for the article […]

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

On Sunday (homework day), while reading Mark Lord’s “The Dramaturgy Reader”, I spilled 16 fluid ounces of sparkling water on my laptop. Black screen. Dead. No pulse. No hope. The journey to the Apple Store was wrought with self-reproach and frustrated grunts. And when the man at the Genius bar (who, I assume, is accustomed […]