Students Have It Easy

Fall semesters all over the nation are beginning to “wind down.” I put this in quotations for the sole fact that when a semester winds down, it rarely means that the students are. I’m stressed, I’m freaking out, and I’m in tech; it’s a wonderful combination. Despite everything going on in my life, I’m relatively sane […]

Old Dog, New Tricks?

Some shows flop. There might not be any rhyme or reason to it, but often there is a show that doesn’t take off. Big names with several Broadway hits can flop. Jason Robert Brown: The Bridges of Madison County. Stephen Sondheim: Anyone Can Whistle. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Stephen Ward. Rodgers and Hammerstein – Allegro. It’s coming back to […]

Does that $400k really matter?

$400,000 is a lot of money, right? That’s about a tenth of what it costs to make a Broadway show according to this article from The New York Times. We can all agree that it’s a hefty sum of money, but does it really matter now? The Audience, starring Helen Mirren, is hitting up Broadway next […]

Sorry, Writers…

I’ve gotten the chance to work on a couple new plays over the past six months, and never once did I think about the writer’s being paid for their work. I was lucky enough to be a part of the production team on Williamstown Theatre Festival’s production of A Great Wilderness. Through the eight weeks of […]

Life As I Know It

I’ve had a rough week, well last couple of days since it’s only Monday. I’ve had more breakdowns than I can count, and I really wish I knew why. Not everything going on in my life has been bad, but there have been a lot of things on my plate to process. Over the weekend […]

The Right To Work?

As a student I’m always thinking about how I’m going to get that equity card (imagine reading that like a magical, glittery sign in the sky), but I sometimes don’t really stop to think about what I’m doing to my career when I get it. On the surface, yes, I know. I’ll be in a union. I’ll […]

What I Learned From…

As I slowly began my ascent out of tech week for a Femina Shakes production of Henry IV, Part One (shameless plug) an article entitled “What I Learned from Not Rehearsing Shakespeare Plays” began to circulate through my newsfeed on various social media platforms. Of course I had to read it… what kind of SM doesn’t read […]