Need an Agent?

Young playwrights (or rather, playwrights who are just starting their professional careers in theatre) tend to ask the question: How do I get an agent? Or, the more basic question: Do I need an agent? But most folks I know tend to ask the former question, because after all, having an agent sounds like something […]

Teaching and Theatre

I know a bunch of theatre artists who make their livings as teachers. Actors, directors, and playwrights sometimes find their way into the classroom in order to pay the bills. But as someone who is both a teacher and a theatre artist–by practice and by training–I’d like to toss out that theatre and teaching are […]

That World Premiere Thing

Last Monday I attended a fascinating presentation by Theatre Development Fund and Theatre Bay Area on their new play study, Triple Play. Click here to watch the livestream of the discussion. The study centered on the motivations and reactions of single-ticket buyers with regard to their new play ticket purchases, and there was a lot […]

The Joy of Getting Stuck

All writers struggle with writers’ block. Or revision block, or feeling frustrated with a current draft. Rather than viewing this natural frustration as a terrible obstacle, let’s consider it as a signal that we could be having more fun. Writers’ block means the writer needs to allow more joy into the work. Try the unexpected—the […]


I’ve been doing a ton of revision this week. HAPPILY. With actual JOY. And if that last word makes perfect sense to you, then you can probably stop reading now because you’re one of those magical creatures who’s loved revising ever since you started writing. Let me tell you: I am not one of those. […]

Ten-Minute Stories

This semester, I’ve been taking a ten-minute play seminar at BPT. In the BU MFA, we have two courses that are dedicated solely to the ten-minute form. So, between that and the plethora of ten-minute play festivals that solicit submissions every month, I have several reasons to consider what a ten-minute play is exactly, and […]

Casting and Fear

As a playwright, I have to make it my goal to know the scope and mission of various theatre companies. Trying to find the right companies for my work–and tailoring submissions appropriately so that their relevance to the company is obvious–involves serious study of theatre companies’ websites, and sometimes (with a little bit of good […]