Will young people first experience theatre in HD?

iPhone or Samsung? Laptop or tablet? Technology is the priority. We give it all of our money and focus. So no wonder that it has penetrated its way into the theatre – and perhaps it should given how present it is in our daily lives (but that is a different conversation). One way in which […]

The Terrific in Terror

I am terrified to graduate university. I am a Junior B.F.A. Theatre Arts major at Boston University (B.U.), cultivating a plethora of skills, engaging in conversations within and outside of the School, and identifying my own values and voice. The School of Theatre at B.U. is holistically preparing me to enter life after university, to […]

Women and their Closets

Doctor – man. Nurse – woman. Teacher – woman. Professor – man. Director – man. Dramaturg – woman. The latter relationships between (the) gender (binary) and occupation is unsettling and unfortunately present in our daily lives. Although we look to our work to push the envelope of art itself and our communities, the hierarchies that […]

We are Wild Things

David Brooks’ article ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ examines Spike Jonze’s 2009 movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s famous story to explore two different views of humanity: the philosopher’s view and the psychologist’s view. The philosopher’s view emphasizes that people are essentially defined by one characteristic that maintains its primacy no matter what context people are in; […]

A Queer Eye For the Normal Heart

The actors of BU’s The Normal Heart bowed and danced and exited. I sat in silence. The music ended, and my fellow audience members began to leave the space. But I sat. Along with the clanking of the old air conditioner, the stage crew filled the space. Still, I sat. See, The Normal Heart strikes […]

Rethinking Audience

As an avid viewer of all talks Ted, I stumbled across a fairly recent conference investigating storytelling entitled “Something Just Out of Sight.” This TEDx talk––the “x” indicating a locally organized TED event––was created and led by Ben Ferguson, Alex Falberg, Curtis Gillen, Ryan Melia, Matt Nuernberger, Arya Shahi, and Daniel Weschler, a group perhaps […]

Theatre of the People who are Fucking Angry

In between my five hours of Shakespeare class on Wednesday, I sat at a local market eating my usual sandwich with a friend, Sarah. Close by, a wall-mounted television showed a news anchor cataloging research about current and future effects of the government shutdown. Sarah and I listened for a bit, eating our lunches in […]