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Statement of Objective

These three words together scare the shit out of me. I always question if I want to apply to programs that request a statement of objective – I feel locked in, panicked and I want to scream. I worry that I’m going to deliver a statement that sounds very inauthentic to who I am.

It’s very difficult to say why I do what I do and what I want to do with it. In a perfect world I can hook up my head to a 2-Player Link Cable for the Gameboy Color and cross over my memory file of the work. My biggest hang up is why they (the theatre, the reader, the world, the universe) wants to hear my play.

Recently, I’ve been in a class with Garry Garrison and some words of truth are that they- the reader- wants to know you’re a human. They don’t want a plug in response, or an automated voice message, but someone that sounds like them – someone who can communicate that they are a person and are dedicated to working. It’s okay to be messy and ask questions.

Words of advice for myself are always attempt to write a conversation between you and the reader. Set aside any insecurities about what they want to hear and be truthful to how you sound to yourself. Throw out a list of ideas and rework them like you would a play. Much like stage direction, this is an option to tell someone you’ve never met why you love what you love.

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