On Playing a Nazi: Part II

This past weekend I, and the rest of my castmates, got the opportunity to don our costumes for BU’s production of Cabaret, a moment in any production which tends to be full of excitement and Instagram-worthy moments. However for me, the experience couldn’t have been more opposite. Though I’d tried on pieces of my costume […]

Multilingual Playwriting; or, English is Not a Default

When I sit down to write a scene or a play, the first thought that comes to my head is usually not, “What’s the plot,” or, “What do these people want from each other?” Call it bad technique, call it what you will, but the first question that usually pops in my mind is, “Is […]

A Prayer: Part II

Dear Whoever’s Listening, Hi again. Nice chatting with you, or I guess not with you, but at you at least. Anyway, yes, hi, I have some things to share since we last spoke. When last I raised my eyes toward the skies and made a post on the blog in your direction, I promised that […]

On Playing a Nazi

I am currently playing the role of Ernst Ludwig in BU’s production of Cabaret, which goes up this December. Not to spoil anything, but Ernst turns out to be a Nazi about halfway through the show, just as Fräulein Schneider and Herr Schulz are having their engagement party. He arrives and is excited for them, […]

In Praise of Costume Designers

Costume designers have it rough, don’t you think? They work for hours and hours, beading and stitching, forcing fussy actors to stand in one place for fittings, and in the end their finished product, no matter how beautiful, is used by every audience member as the perfect half-heartedly positive comment at the post-show meet-and-greet. You’ve […]

A Prayer

Dear Whoever’s Listening, Hi. Yes, I know, you don’t hear from me very much– I’m a very, very reformed Jew. I mean I’m sure you know this, you’ve got a record of it somewhere, but I think it’s been about a decade since I stopped believing in you. That sounds harsh, sorry, let me rephrase– […]

Formatting Is Fun! No, Seriously!

This past summer I worked as the Books Program intern at Theatre Communications Group, an organization which you should ALL know about. TCG is a non-profit based out of NYC which binds regional theatres across the US, providing resources and funding for many, many artists. Additionally, TCG has a books department which publishes trade editions […]

I Don’t Know Anything About Yiddish Theatre: Part II

After my first post on my ignorance of the heritage of Yiddish theatre, I started doing some research on the subject, and I’ve come to a few realizations. First of all, I started by watching this short video for an overview of the Yiddish theatre in the Lower East Side during the later 1800’s through […]

Who Tells You If You’re Talentless?

To snatch Heidi Klum’s iconic line from Project Runway, “One day you’re in, and the next day you’re OUT.” So my question is this– In the theatre world, who tells you if you’re just not ever going to be ‘in’ as a successful as an actor, director, SM, etc.? Does anyone have that responsibility to […]

I Don’t Know Anything About Yiddish Theatre (איך טאָן ניט וויסן עפּעס וועגן יידיש טעאַטער)

  I do not know a single thing about the Yiddish theatre (aside from what I learned from Paula Vogel and Rebecca Taichman’s STUNNING Indecent). I could not name its most beloved actors or even its most important plays. The only aesthetic I can picture of the genre is what can be gleaned from the […]

The Naked Truth

Last month I ventured to see the show everyone in the gay theatre world was talking about– Afterglow by S. Asher Gelman. The play, which details the sexual romantic escapades of three young men in a burgeoning love triangle, markets itself on the blunt, graphic nudity strung throughout the piece. Though not surprising in a […]

In Defense of Commercial Theatre

I confess: I love commercial theatre. The fancy sets, the lavish costumes, the indomitable divas, I can’t get enough. Death of a Salesman? Love it. Wicked? I’ve seen it eight times. Angels in America? It’s like my Bible. So why do I feel like a traitor? Why do I feel like I’m betraying the artform […]