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I took on way too much this semester

I’m doing a lot. I’m stressed.

  • I’m taking 5 classes
  • I have rehearsal every night
  • I’m an intern at Company One
  • I’m the president of a club on campus
  • I’m apart of STAMP (Senior Theatre Arts Major Productions)
  • I’m a teaching assistant of Acting I and organizing the Dreams Project
  • I have a job

I’m very proud of myself, and the many accomplishments that I’ve achieved during this school year, but WOW did I take on a lot. I have a hard time saying no to things, because I want to have as many experiences as I can during my time here. I always think I can handle everything that is being thrown at me. It is very time consuming and stressful to plan events, have meetings, attend classes, rehearse until 11pm every night. The running around has been so exhausting. I do all these things because I want to grow as a leader, a working adult and a theatre artist. I have learned so much and met a lot of people, which I have been very grateful for, but I am concerned how doing so many things is affecting me.

I’m worried I’m not doing my best in each area because I’m doing so much. I’m worried I’m not getting the best grades I could possibly be getting. I’m worried I’m not getting enough sleep. I’m worried I’m burning myself out. I’m worried that I’m not giving myself enough time to just have fun and do things that make me happy.

I need to work on finding a balance. It is important to take on many different tasks, but I also need to remember that I need to take care of myself first and foremost. For next semester, I want to work on taking care of myself and giving myself time to BREATHE and relax.

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