i am sitting on a stack of platforms in room 109 watching my peers play an ever-growing game with an inflatable beach ball. they are trying to keep it in the air as long as possible. they have all turned into kids again, eyes going wide as the ball descends over their heads, their […]

Ambition vs. Skill

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Jiehae Park’s master class with Company One at the Boston Public Library. The class was an hour and fifteen minutes of unending wisdom, but one piece of advice in particular stood out to me. Park, whose play Peerless is currently running with Company One, spoke about […]

Mental Illness on Stage

In Simon Stephens’ Punk Rock, we watch a group of students preparing for their mock exams. We follow them for a little over a month, watching their interwoven relationships come to an end and ultimately end with one of the students, William Carlisle, shooting and killing three of his classmates. Before I continue, I want it to be […]

Memento Mori

Canon conducted an experiment about the power of perspective. They asked six photographers to take portraits of the same man. Before the session, though, each photographer was told a different story about the man’s life before the session. To one, he was an ex-con; to another, he was a recovered alcoholic; to another, he was a […]

Snow Day

Winter makes me depressed, which sucks because I love the snow. But Seasonal Affective Disorder has disregarded my fond childhood memories. So on the first snow day, as is the tradition, I slipped on black ice and fell ass-first into a depressive episode. SAD used to greet me with unpleasant thoughts and a bottomless pit of […]

For Those Who Like the Magic, But Not the Morals

JK Rowling seems to have broken a lot of hearts the last few days. Unlike most stories that involve the well-known author of the Harry Potter series, this time it’s not about the books. Well, not really. After publicly speaking out against the Trump administration, Rowling faced criticisms from her now ex-fans, many who vowed to […]

I’m Lost.

The thing about these post-election rants is that the only people who read them either dismiss them or agree with them already. In the same vein, I’m finding it difficult to find something to say in my day-to-day life that feels meaningful. Talking about this country hard, blogging is hard, having a conversation about art is hard. This election […]