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i am sitting on a stack of platforms in room 109 watching my peers play an ever-growing game with an inflatable beach ball. they are trying to keep it in the air as long as possible. they have all turned into kids again, eyes going wide as the ball descends over their heads, their hands go up, tips of their fingers filling with energy as they hit it toward someone else. more people wanter into the circle, joining the game and picking up on the rules: don’t touch it twice in a row, don’t hit downward, wait for the ball to come to you. it’s so wonderful to witness. i’m sitting here, minding my own business, but suddenly i’m watching these people come alive and be here and in it and forgive me if this feels like a stretch but i’m watching something like theatre. isn’t it strange that we work so hard to capture what comes so naturally? i blink and there’s a simple, magic moment happening. and maybe i’m being preemptively nostalgic about all of this ending soon, and maybe it’s silly to think about it this way but it’s reminding me of how much i love this group of people. i think i’m collecting memories at this point, but i also think we’re all about to go out into the world and make some incredible art. and that magic i saw just now, i can’t wait to see it again and again and again and again and again.


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