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At this moment, I am undeniably meeting the arts world through a dance lens – forgive the lack of variety in posting subjects, I’m #just #too #lit about it.

This weekend, Music Producer Antigo2hard and dance group The Williams Family came out with a new dance craze: the ICarltonChallenge.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 5.34.18 PM.png

The challenge? Take the song “iCarlton” produced by Antigo2hard and J.I.G. and the viral dance choreo done by The Williams Family (……..wiiiith full acknowledgement that every viral hip-hop dance move in our contemporary moment originated in the Black community and that these three white guys, although sharp and talented, are not the pinnacle of hip hop) and make your own version!

My friend Cam posted the Williams Fam video on Facebook, posing the challenge and asking for takers. Myself and our Fusion friend Shiv jumped on, and we got to scheming our video.

The next day, the three of us found time amidst our schedules – about three hours that we all had in common – to get this thing done. We met, and in an hour and a half learned/originated our own version of the dance. It was speedy and messy – every time we ran it and found a new opportunity for originality or cleaning, we’d laugh and jump up and down. Every time we’d run it and mess up, we’d yell in agony and start the whole thing again. Creativity in motion, people!

We headed down the street to meet Cam’s girlfriend, Mana, our videographer for the day. We suited up in full Carlton Clothes, and headed to her roof to get this thing done.

The real #challenge was getting the right take. The roof was wet. Our speaker was on one bar of battery. The sun was going down. And, worst of all, if we are filming a single-take, minute long video, and one of us messes up, we have to start again. And again. And again.

Finally, somehow, we got the take.

Less than 30 minutes later, we dropped this:

Afterwards, I skipped down the street on the phone with my mom, beaming.

My biggest takeaway? The amount of time I spend whining, saying “I don’t have time”, is just wasting the time I actually have to make art. The three of us prioritizing, organizing, and making something to be proud of together left me euphoric.

(Also? Post a vid of you doing something cool, and every ghost from your past will come back to haunt it.)

This post is also a shameless promo. If you like our video, share it on any internet platform with the #icarltonchallenge and maybe we’ll win!


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