Role Playing

When I came into the School of Theatre program as a freshman in the fall of 2011, I had a very narrow idea of what theatre was, and in particular, the roles in which a theatre artist could be involved: i.e. director, designer, playwright, technician, actor, etc. By the end of my first year at […]

To Everyone Who Asks What I’m Going to Do When I Graduate: A Desert Manifesto

Holiday season. Travel season, if you live as far from home as this gal. Because there are no direct flights from Boston Logan to the Tulsa International Airport, it takes me longer to get halfway across the country than it would for me to get to the furthest corner of the West Coast. Best case […]

Teaching with a Dramaturgical Eye

I read a really compelling post today about one of the American education system’s biggest, most glaring flaws. Incidentally, I found it because it was posted to Facebook by one of my favorite high school teachers (who has since moved from my high school to teach at the local Montessori middle school). He was an […]

Sweet, Say On

Only moments ago, I finished the 16-hour sequence (taking place over the course of many weeks) of Sound and Movement, a training sequence for actors created by Kristin Linklater. Today, for the completion of the sequence, we explored a topic that’s been really compelling to me for the past few years: the inherently onomatopoetic nature […]

Do It Like Banksy

capnyc on instagram (via gawker.com) Earlier this month, I read an article titled “These Men Are Now Charging People to Look at Banksy’s Latest Stencil”. Unsurprisingly, the article (located on gawker.com) detailed a group of men covering the piece—which is a black-and-white stencil of a beaver—and charging people somewhere between $5 and $20 to look […]

You Don’t Have to Make Retard Jokes to be Funny! (Why doesn’t everybody know this?)

maspormas.com Last night, I had the joy of attending Anthony King and Scott Brown’s “Gutenburg! The Musical!”. It was just lovely—clear, specific, and honest choices were made, the physical work from the actors was just stellar, and the music was simply excellent. It was a pleasure to spend 2 hours on the floor for the […]

Does Size Matter? (Yeah, probably?)

This quarter, the School of Theatre is producing an all-female Romeo and Juliet (playing October 23rd-27th in Jewels 1!). I’m lucky enough to be a part of it, and as we close up our 4th week of rehearsal, I’m starting to feel a much stronger ownership of the play and our approach to it. The […]

Sharing the Process

Photo by Kat Livegood So, in the theatre, we spend a lot of time getting ready, don’t we? Just in our program, in addition to a full 5 days of classes, we spend over twenty hours a week in rehearsals for our shows. By the time we reach opening night, we may have spent 120+ […]

Let’s Talk About Violence (In Our Artistic Work! Seriously!)

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about the recent shootings at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC. Wait a second. Actually, I haven’t. I’ve been thinking about it some. Occassionally, at best. But the truth is, this very recent and very tragic act of violence, culminating in 13 deaths (including the shooter, Navy Yard-employed computer […]

Are Concerts Theatre? Is Theatre A Concert? (Thoughts on Audience Engagement)

Being a student of theatre, I attend a fair amount of plays. And being a college student, I attend a lot of concerts. Sometimes, the line between them is clear. Other times, I come out of a concert feeling as though I’ve seen a piece of theatre, and then I’m forced to ask myself: what […]