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On Theatre, Math, Airbending

i am exhausted. it’s hard to speak my heart today.

this is what i have for you:

i suck at math
but absolute value always made sense.
if you have forgotten
absolute value is a number’s actual magnitude.
any number’s distance
from zero.

|-5| will equal just, 5.

when held in the arms,
of two parallel lines,
even the negatives have positive value.
between two tiny lines,
a tectonic shift,
from less-than-nothing to definitely-something.

i am committed to the absolute value.
i am committed to the algorithms
i am committed
to the formulas
to the PEMDAS and FOILs and whatever order of operations it takes
to hold my parallel arms around
every room i enter
theatrical or other
to reveal its positive worth.

i suck at science
but i believe
i believe so deeply
i believe in the law of conservation of energy
if you have forgotten
thats the one that says
nothing ever, ever goes away.
it is recycled.
it begins again.
a tree falls
animals eat the leaves
bugs eat the wood
carbons and shit radiate outward
other trees/bugs/animals breathe that in
eventually, the tree disappears.
yet, it is never gone.
it remains in the blood and lungs and digestive tracts of everything it has touched.

when i enter a room
everything i do
every bit of energy i consume and radiate
lives within the blood and lungs and digestive tracts of everyone i touch.
it doesn’t go away,
(even if i fall.)

i have the power to transform
and shape
every moment of energy that lives within my blood and lungs and digestive tract
every wavelength i touch
every word and moment and feeling and action anyone sends into the room
every and any negative
into a positive.

i am avatar
the last energy bender
this big blue arrow on my forehead looks dope

we MUST acknowledge
that we have the power to transform
and bend
and shape
every moment,
every fragment of energy that is sent our way, (and never goes away)
into its absolute value
into its positive worth.

cause goddamn.
people love positive energy.
the real kind.
(not that weird off-brand shit
everyone knows Fruit Loops taste better than “”””Fruit Rings””””
take your artifice far away from my breakfast.)

i have exhausted my metaphor bank on this topic.

this is what i’ve got:

positive energy is everything. it is vital.
it is light in the dark.

when feeling helpless and hopeless,
when it feels like there’s nothing to be done,
when no one is listening or hearing or speaking or making,
there is one control that remains.

harness the energy.
endlessly, tirelessly, dig for the absolute, positive value.
and just
radiate light.

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