If I could go to New York City right now…this is what I’d see

OMG. If I could go back in time and talk with my 12 year old self I’d say, “guess who is doing a show in New York? Alessandra Ferri!!!” And then, my 12 year old self would start jumping up and down. A similar reaction my 30somecoughcough year old self had this morning when I […]

We Need a New Business Model!

  Okay…so, just read a blog post from Scott Walters on The Clyde Fitch Report. (Scott is a Professor of Drama at the University of North Carolina at Asheville). And – he comes up with a really good idea: let’s get “people like Diane Ragsdale, David Dower and Polly Carl, Dudly Cocke and Doug Borwick […]

Okay. So what if….?

Just spit balling here…but I just read a pretty exciting article called “Creating An Alternative Economy for Underpaid Artists With a Brand New Currency,” by Ben Schiller, a staff writer for Fast CoExist. It’s all about this new type of currency – the Culture Coin. As described on the ARTSFWD website, Culture Coin is “a […]

National New Play Network – how cool!

  I stumbled across the National New Play Network earlier this summer in my search for new plays. What an ingenious idea! As stated on their website, the mission of the National New Play Network is to “revolutionize the way theaters collaborate to support new plays and playwrights.” In particular, I’m most excited about the […]

Wanna Try Out Some Hamlet?

Calling all actors! In a recent Arts Beat post, I learned that the New York Times is inviting high school and college student actors to upload their interpretative performances of lines from Hamlet using Instagram. Due to several recent productions by Shakespeare (and Hamlet in particular), the Times is interested in seeing how emerging artists are interpreting lines from […]

The Power of Spectacle

Wow, Oz, I’m so glad you posted, “On Point: Art, Academics, and Checks and Balances.” I think the video you discuss, En Puntas, addresses something that we spoke about in dramaturgy class today – the power of spectacle. As I watch the video, I’m lifted above the mundane – through terror and astonishment. Visceral reactions […]

Reflection on Process: The Normal Heart

I greatly appreciate the blogs, “On Darkness and Audience,” and “A Queer Eye for The Normal Heart,” that have been posted about the recent production at Boston University on The Normal Heart. I want to thank you not only your attendance at the production, but also for your thoughtful reflection about it.  They have provided me the […]