Gender On Stage

I’m thinking about gender-bending for plays that do not call for it. I am specifically thinking about a situation where one of my cis-female friends is looking for a play to mount with several other collaborators. She, along with two of the other collaborators has grown an interest in Annie Baker’s “The Aliens”- a play […]

This minute

First I was going to write about some me examples of productions that I’m thinking about in relationship to gender bending: FemShakes Lord of the Flies (Directed by Jeremy at the CFA) Men on Boats David Mamet shutting down a production of Oleanna – CABARET Cloud 9 And in the middle of thinking about […]

Interview- Sam Stafford

I interviewed Samantha Stafford about her new play, New Years Eve. It will be read at 2 PM on Sunday, December 11 as a part of Sunday Sitdowns. Hi! Hi! I’m Chloe. I’m Sam. Nice to meet you. You’re D+P, yeah? Yeah. Cool. Are you ready for me? Yep. -Okay… questions. Let’s see. Yeah… so, […]

The Art of the CAS Class

I’m more integrated with the larger BU academic community this semester then I ever have been. I’m taking not one, but TWO outside CFA classes, PLUS there are TWO outside CFA students in my theatre ensemble class who have generously shared a few of their observations and experiences on entering into an SOT space coming […]



In her article “Dramaturging Non-Realism: Creating a New Vocabulary”, Tori Haring-Smith writes on the essential language differences when we talk in a rehearsal room about Realism and Non-Realism. She points out how imposing the language we use when talking about Realism onto Non-Realism results in shows that have not been excavated for their actual meaning. […]

An Artist to Know

Hakim Bellamy was the first Poet Noble Laureate of New Mexico, which was a title he received in 2014. Starting in 2010, he has won Best Poet in Albuquerque’s annual newspaper poll, “Best of Burque” every year up to today. His creative roots are in slam poetry. His most recent projects have come to include […]


Kristin Nordevel believes that the U.S. would benefit hugely from taking a European approach to arts funding. She talks about it in this article¬†called “The Art of Listening is Political”. This reminded me of a small comment that our professor, Ilana Brownstein made in class. I believe we were talking about a struggle that a […]