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Last night I had the honor of being immersed into the theatrical experience that was Kil Clap Back, written by Bella Pelz and directed by Linda Perla. From the moment I stepped into the space I was instantly transported into another dimension. I was so impressed by the way in which a tiny black box theatre space was transformed into a grungy, eclectic, hectic, exciting concert venue. I literally felt as though I was at the Paradise Rock Club or Brighton Music Hall. I have seen countless productions take place in the exact same place, but I had never been transported in quite the same way before. The energy and excitement in the room was palpable. As Monica Bang, a band lead by vocalist and actress Kyra Tantao, began to play the crowd went wild. What I love about punk music in live performance is the fact that it brings its audience members together. Which is exactly what happened last night. Together we rocked out and lost our mind to the wonderfully chaotic and passionate music.

The show itself took me on a complete journey. There were moments when I felt angry, moment when I felt shocked and moment when i felt like I wanted to cry. What interested me most about the play was its ability to seamlessly identify I explore a number of seemingly different cultural experiences. I enjoyed the use of spanish and the exploration of latinx culture, particularly within the punk scene, juxtoposed with drag and ball culture. I also noticed elements of African symbolism as well. At any given moment there were different things going on a at every corner of the space. I felt like I was frozen in time while a whole world moved past me. The experince was instantly put to a halt when one of the characters was arrested. I was left breathless, grasping for air but also hungry for more. I will continues thinking about this experience for weeks to come, i know it.

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