A Critique of SITI Company’s Trojan Women at ArtsEmerson

I am not quite sure following the SITI Company’s Trojan Women: After Euripides whether I was intended to have had a cathartic release of grief, to feel intense hope for the future, or simply believe that there is no good and I cannot even die to end my suffering. The play was skillfully put together […]

An Analysis of Jan Fabre’s The Orgy of Tolerance

{From the Moderator: The following is a response to The Orgy of Tolerance, streamed from OnTheBoards.tv} When a play opens with an eight minute long masturbation competition, I can safely say no matter what else, my interest will be piqued. But with The Orgy of Tolerance, Jan Fabre managed to take me on an emotional […]

Real Talk

Can we just say real talk for a moment? For anyone who was interested in the casting/season planning conversations we have been having over the course of the semester, you’ll appreciate this article in the Washington Post from Theatre J in DC.   Theatre J is a non-profit company based inside the DC Jewish Community […]

Get Off My Lawn!!!

Has anyone else noticed that opinions from older generations on the topic of technology + younger generations + theatre are often either really intrigued by the possibilities or uncomfortably derogatory towards not just the technology but the younger generation? It seems that almost never are there posts that think negatively about the combination but are […]

How Engaging

I wanted to share this blog post from Geva Theatre (the company that premiered Pyretown) with everyone.   I am a huge advocate for finding ways to make the artistic process more transparent, accessible, and engaging for audiences. In fact I think one of my first blog posts for dramaturgy was about how much I […]

You Kids and your Rock and Roll. A response to @craigteach on acting.

I believe that no one knows exactly what acting is or how to do it well. Plenty of people claim to know both, but I think really everyone is just attempting to explain an aesthetic preference. What we’re striving for is to receive a sensory experience that in its delivery causes some sort of visceral […]

A Critique of Blood Play in Performance

If there is one thing The Debate Society does well, it is tell a damn good story. While not cinematic like their recent piece Cape Dissapointment, Blood Play grabs you like a Hitchcock thriller and tries to never let you go. The plot is simple, the adults get boozed up a la George and Martha, […]

Let’s not waste time redefining success. Let’s just do something about the problem.

All over the theatre-sphere a major topic of conversation is that we’ve come to believe financial and artistic achievement are the same that and we must change that definition. Many great artists and writer say not only should we redefine success, we should reexamine how we may find it. I recently came upon a post […]

Trying My Damndest Anyways.

In a recent chat I had with a young director who is somewhere between emerging and emerged he said something along the lines of , “There are two paths, you either assist or you’re producing your own work.” He was telling me about his track towards becoming a professional director and the conversation alone was […]

Understanding Art

Inspired by our discussion of The Death of the Last Black Man in the Whole Entire World, the video above and a recent analysis of Cloud 9 I did, I’ve come to a conclusion about popularly produced theatre. Most shows fall into the category of shows of ideas which ask us to follow a logical […]

Arts Entrepeneurship

This blog post is a response to Open for Business written and compacted for TCG by Janice C. Simpson.   As an artist getting an education in a program that emphasizes the importance and ability to self-produce work as a real and legitimate way to be a creative person in the world, I’ve been obsessed […]