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Social Media as a Tool to Represent Underrepresented Theatre Makers

As conversations of representation have been had more and more over the past couple years, theatre makers of minority groups have been working extremely hard to ensure the voices of talented, powerhouse theatre makers are being represented.

There has been a movement to create Google documents with names of on underrepresented and minority voices in theatre. The lists that have been circulating have been Black Female Directors, Latinx Directors, Theatre Designers and Technicians of Color, We Exist: Female and Trans* Playwrights, Asian American Directors, and Indigenous Artists. The creation of these Google Sheets is a great display of how artists are using social media to their advantage and to represent the voices of artists who are often not represented. The idea of these drives comes following the things that’s came before it such as The Kilroys. This movement is a display of years of work that many theatre makers have put in to represent underrepresented voices in theatre.

Playwright and actor Jocelyn Bioh created the document as a personal project after finding the number of black women directors she could name off the top of her head was small. The list contains nearly 200 black women directors from across the country and their information. Peter J. Kuo, a graduate of the MFA Directing program at The New School is the creator of the Asian American Directors google drive. Many people have rallied around artists like Bioh and Kuo in developing these lists in ensuring everyone is represented.

Minority theatre makers are refusing to be ignored. The movement to creating Google sheets is great for calling attention to the incredible theatre artists who are working hard in American theatre. As you can see from the list, the amount of artists is vast. The hard working artists behind these Google Sheets did the work for many theatre companies. Now it is time for companies to pay attention and produce these plays.

This new, accessible means of showcasing minority theatre makers is significant and continues to fight against the narrative of there being a lack of theatre makers who are of different minority groups. Hopefully theatre makers who are in positions of power truly consult these documents when creating their seasons and hiring artists.

One comment on “Social Media as a Tool to Represent Underrepresented Theatre Makers

  1. Thank you for these links!

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