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Women’s Monologue Submissions!

Seeking: Female or non-gender-specific monologues for ages 18+

No restrictions in terms of classical/contemporary, though they must be from a published play.

The file must cite play title and author.

Please email all copies to lily.hargis1@gmail.com


^ Obviously I’m putting out a call for monologues for women. Why? Because when I came to BU there were 2 binders in the School of Theatre library. Each was about 2 inches thick and stuffed full with paper:

Classical Monologues for Men

Contemporary Monologues for Men

Excuse me? Maybe the female monologue binders are all checked out… that must be it. Because there’s about 30 women in my class and 8 men so it must be that one of the women needed a monologue and checked it out.


There is no book for women’s monologues.

There *was* no book for women’s monologues.

NOW THERE IS CAUSE I MADE ONE! Only thing is… it’s empty. Why? I sent out the call for submissions and got little to no responses, so I asked a classmate and basically this is what she said:

There aren’t a ton of great women’s monologues out there. I’m talking about women’s monologues that aren’t about men/being in love with men/being rejected by men/being beautiful/not being beautiful. So when women find good monologues, there’s this attitude of “I FINALLY found one! I found a good one and since it’s one-in-a-million I can’t share it! It’s mine.”

I have had moments of feeling that. Absolutely! But maybe the reason we feel like there are no good female monologues is because each person only has 5ish in their bank. But there’s 30 women in my class. So if we each have 5 that’s 150 monologues! That’s enough for a 2 inch thick binder stuffed full of paper!

So here’s the call. Calling all female-monologue-hoarders (myself included)! Let’s work together so we can get our own binder already!

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