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A Strange Crack of Light by Madeline Bugeau-Heartt

Last month, I went to Warpole, MA to see a play at the Fisher House – which is a little one room school house that was turned into a Historical Society.

A Crack of Strange Light is an otherworldly, theatrical exploration of faith, magic, and our shared hunger to feel less alone amidst the chaos. Set in suburbia and occurring over the course of three months, A Crack of Strange Light follows the journey of Richard, a fallen angel searching for his way back Home. Through three “spiritual exhibitions,” Richard will draw back the veil to illuminate mystery in the seemingly mundane and help us listen for the strangely hopeful whistle on the wind.

Originally devised, this immersive endeavor explores spirituality from a fresh perspective. The goal of the piece was not to provide answers, but to unlock the imagination of the community so that they may encounter the magic of storytelling, be together in a space outside of routine, and ultimately find awe in the shared experience of being human in an ever-changing word.

The piece is designed in such a way that one may attend all three parts and enjoy the progression of the story. 

The Story follows Richard over 3 months. Nov, Dec, Jan. Madeline Bugeau-Heartt is an amazing solo artist.

If you wanted to follow A Strange Crack: http://acrackofstrangelight.com/

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