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Mainstream Media Accountability Survey: Round 1

Sometimes the greatest theatre happens outside theatrical spaces. This week, we are privileged enough to witness, not one, but TWO of the most excellent performative acts in the history of the world wide web, courtesy of our Commander in Chief. As we all know, the president of the United States has never been afraid of […]

It’s Happening Here: Berkeley Rep’s Production of IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE Still Relevant

I thought I’d check out what leading theatres in my home state of California have been up to, and I came across Berkeley Rep’s late 2016 project “It Can’t Happen Here,” a timely play co-adapted by Berkeley Rep’s Artistic Director Tony Taccone and Bennett S. Cohen. The piece is based on Sinclair Lewis’s novel “It […]

Today’s America Begs Artists to Reveal People’s Humanity to Others.

America’s President-Elect is anti-Islam, racist, misogynistic, and against the rights of the LGBTQ community. He retaliated against the parents of a Muslim U.S. Army officer who died while serving in the Iraq War. When the officer’s mother didn’t speak while on screen Trump insinuated that perhaps it was due to a constraint by the Muslim […]


I recently watched Ivo van Hove’s “Kings of War” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, a commentary on politics today through the use of three Shakespearean kings, Henry  V, Henry VI, and Richard III. The show tracks how each king gains political power, many times involving manipulation, especially in Richard III’s case, who not only […]

Theatre Review: “The Debate” brings the heat, but lacks coherence

There was no telling what Monday night’s performance of The Debate would behold; even days later, processing exactly what this piece means for its audience of more than 84 million, I find it hard to reduce to any key phrase or unifying idea. Perhaps that was what resonated the most profoundly: there is no unity, or […]