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Theatre Review: “The Debate” brings the heat, but lacks coherence

There was no telling what Monday night’s performance of The Debate would behold; even days later, processing exactly what this piece means for its audience of more than 84 million, I find it hard to reduce to any key phrase or unifying idea. Perhaps that was what resonated the most profoundly: there is no unity, or […]

Spectacle-Based Drama

Jay Ruby, founder of The Carpetbag Brigade, recently wrote a blog post on HowlRound as the first part of a series were he will address the “basic tenants of spectacle-based drama” through the lens of his theatre company. This first blog of the series lays out the basics: What differentiates spectacle from drama? How do the […]

The Superbowl, The Olympics, The Theater

With two of the largest sports events in history occurring this 2014 February, The Superbowl and the Sochi Olympics, a lot has been on my mind in terms of sports, spectacle, and theatre. It’s almost impossible that this is what the Greeks envisioned, (The NFL has a dancing robot, for heaven’s sake…and did you SEE […]

What and How?

The first time I went to New York I was 16. I remember being so excited – as I was very recently getting into theatre – and viewed Broadway as the be-all, end-all of theatre: the best of the best. Before I left though, I was baffled at the amount of friends and family I […]

The Power of Spectacle

Wow, Oz, I’m so glad you posted, “On Point: Art, Academics, and Checks and Balances.” I think the video you discuss, En Puntas, addresses something that we spoke about in dramaturgy class today – the power of spectacle. As I watch the video, I’m lifted above the mundane – through terror and astonishment. Visceral reactions […]

Are Concerts Theatre? Is Theatre A Concert? (Thoughts on Audience Engagement)

Being a student of theatre, I attend a fair amount of plays. And being a college student, I attend a lot of concerts. Sometimes, the line between them is clear. Other times, I come out of a concert feeling as though I’ve seen a piece of theatre, and then I’m forced to ask myself: what […]