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A letter from Artistic Director, Emma Rice

There’s been a new development in the saga that is Emma Rice and Shakespeare’s Globe. Since the announcement in October that Rice would step down as artistic director in April 2018 after only two years, this week marks the first time that Rice has written publicly about the subject in an open letter to the next […]

Shakespeare’s Globe is making a BIG mistake

This woman pictured above is named Emma Rice. She is one of the founding artistic directors and collaborators for the Kneehigh Theater  based in Cornwall and in January of 2016 she was named the artistic Director for the Globe Theater in London. This was a huge step for the Globe as she was their first female […]

Art History

My first blog post of the semester focused on the Globe’s productions of Richard the 3rd and Twelfth Night which are now playing on Broadway in rep. The meat of the blog centered around the choice to do both plays with all-male casts and whether or not it was being used as a marketing gimmick. […]