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The Journey – Development Notes, 11.29.17

[This post is a continuation of a series about the developmental process of THE JOURNEY.  Click here to read the previous post.] Our meeting work session today included Jeremy, the Assistant Director.  Yo-El and I read the script aloud, alternating scenes, while Jeremy and Georgia listened and took notes.  This was Jeremy’s first encounter with […]

The Journey – Development Notes, 11.15.17

This post is inspired by the honest and straightforward reflection of the making of theatre in The Production Notebooks, edited by Mark Bly.  The Journey began development in the fall of 2017. Yo-El Cassell was the instigating artist.  This play is inspired by both Herman Melville’s Moby Dick: Or, The Whale and Ahab’s Wife: Or, […]

Theatre for Business Students

Today we performed Act 1 of Our Town for 450 Questrum business students. -Business students are people, too! They laughed and smirked a little. They got into it and I felt them respond more generously the more generously I gave my focus to the story. I felt them retreat as I got lost in the […]

Notes on things to do as a Production Dramaturg at BU

What follows started as a reference list for me, but I think it could be useful for me to be transparent with what I’ve learned in the hope that it can make the role of Production Dramaturg easier on other students.  I am not doing this work perfectly.  That’s part of why I’m writing it […]

Why is tech week a thing?

Recently, towards the beginning of tech week over at the Charlestown Working Theater where Actors’ Shakespeare Project is producing Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II, I overheard my director speaking with our lighting designer about how he wishes that the traditional theatre rehearsal process was not one that separated the actors’ rehearsal from the designers’ construction of the […]

The Privilege of Silence

I was having a conversation with a friend recently who was telling me that she’d heard that a theatre of renown in New York was specifically seeking black stage managers. At first I was a bit thrown off by this idea. “It sounds like casting,” I thought aloud. As backstage theatre-makers, we  are generally not […]

On the Process

I’m in a strange but enjoyable position at the moment. As I’m taking my first class on dramaturgical methods,  I’m working as the dramaturg on Boston University’s production of Stephen Berkoff’s  Metamorphosis, which started rehearsals this past Tuesday. This is the second show where I’ve had the title of ‘dramaturg,’ and the first where I feel I’m […]