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We’re on each other’s [production] team

This week my senior thesis, Theresa Rebeck’s Seminar, teched, opened, and closed. Within one week, we loaded in five huge pieces of furniture, printed a poster, and went though a ton of troubleshooting to get lights, sound, and transitions up to speed. There were only a few bumps in the road, and overall everything came together, but […]

A brief start to a conversation on sexism in the artistic and technical side of theatre

A few weeks ago on Equal Pay Day the New Jersey Theatre Alliance released a graphic of women in theatre compiled from a Broadway League study published in 2016. The graphic and study only looked a a few of the many positions on the artistic and technical side of theatre and yet it is still […]

Inviting Dramaturgy into School of Theatre Productions

The other day in class the topic of dramaturgy in the School of Theatre came up — specifically, that we do not have a standard way of working with a dramaturg on SOT shows. This comment was off-hand and we did not delve deeply into it, but I have been ruminating on the subject for the […]

Theatre Against Actors, or When Did Our Art Become Craft?

In my post on the blog last week, Cheap Theatremaking, I discussed the tendency of some individuals on the performance or non-technical side of theatre to advocate minimal designs, and the negative reaction that can ensue from designers and production staff who feel their work may be undervalued. This week I would like to look […]