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Becoming Cuba Response

Let me start by saying, I really wanted to like this play. I know Melinda Lopez, I like her writing, and I like her as an artist and a human being. Melinda even gave my wife a children’s book when my daughter was born, and it is one of her favorites. I also find fictionalized […]

50 Years of bringing new work to life

Thank goodness for TCG and their journal, American Theatre.  I began my subscription to American Theatre because I realized that I was very focused on what was happening in the Boston Theatre scene, but was not aware of what was happening in my art form in the rest of the country.  This was a problem.  […]

A Response to Over There by Mark Ravenhill

I recently came across a Facebook story that documents how a young woman, Anais, who was adopted from South Korea and grew up in France, ended up finding and reaching out to her twin sister, Samantha, from whom she was separated at birth. A friend alerted Anais to a movie trailer which featured a young […]

Being the Playwright in the Room

I’ve been wanting to post for a little while now about the experience of writing and producing a new play for my senior thesis. It’s probably one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I wrote the first draft of the play in the first semester of my junior year, took a […]

A Response to the XX PlayLab at Company One

I had the pleasure of attending one of the events in Company One’s XX PlayLab series last week. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Company One describes the XX PlayLab as “a collaborative program of the Boston Center for the Arts and Company One Theatre, designed to propel the work of female playwrights from […]

A Response to Fresh Ink’s Production of Handicapping

I walked into Fresh Ink Theatre Company’s production of Handicapping by James McLindon with an entirely different idea of what it would be than what it was. Since it was called “Handicapping” and I knew it featured a disabled character, I assumed it would be a drama about the experience of being disabled. Before the play […]

Where Is Our Theatre Going?

For our first Contemporary Drama class, we were assigned to read the Kentucky Cycle by Robert Schenkkan – an epic, seven-hour play with many parts. I felt drawn into the piece and would love to go and see it performed one day, but couldn’t help but think while I was reading it, “Man, I’m glad […]