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I recall when we read The Vigil and were learning about Crystal Skillman, and Olive talked a lot about Crystal’s interest and work with Geek Theatre. I must admit that then and up until a few days ago I really had no idea what that meant … at all … and then this wonderful interview with Crystal […]

Week of Geek: A Critique of Geek

I’m not sad to say that geek theatre has a little bit taken over our blog for this week (or will have by the time I’m through, mwahahaha) in the form of She Kills Monsters. I guess it hit a nerve. Stuff to know about me: Tolkien is my “one person dead or alive.” Fan […]

Company One’s Skype Session with playwright Qui Nguyen after “She Kills Monsters”

So, as I said in my last post, I LOVED She Kills Monsters (now playing at the BCA Plaza Theatre until May 11th). But, that isn’t how the tale ends! It was just my luck that there also happened to be an awesome talk-back with the playwright, Qui Nguyen, afterwards. The talk-back alone was so thought-provoking that […]

we’re all fighting monsters

I just wrote an analysis of She Kills Monsters, and I wanted to address a tangent here that simply wouldn’t fit there.  In the notes and first draft of the other post, I wrote: Reality is unfulfilling. But we can still be fulfilled. I think that notion is incredibly important to think about in the […]

The Many Worlds of She Kills Monsters

This weekend I attended Company One’s She Kills Monsters.  The play, by Qui Nguyen, is a story of sisters.  It’s not that simple: it’s also a story of high-school, violence, Dungeons & Dragons, the 1990s, romance, commitment, regret, and gelatinous cubes. There are many reasons why the production was [and is– playing through May 11] […]

“She Kills Monsters” at Company One Kicketh Major Ass

I first encountered She Kills Monsters by Qui Nguyen when a friend of mine was auditioning for one of the parts in the play. I read sides with her to help her prepare for the audition and from that, I was able to see snip-its of the script. Even from these short excerpts, I could tell […]