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Queen Victoria Taught me to Teach

I am currently in a class called CT575, General Teaching Methods.  It is a standard education class where we learn the basics of lesson plan creation and classroom management.  The last few classes, however, haven’t really looked like education classes though. They have looked something a lot closer to a mediocre acting class. While we […]

A Solution (maybe) for Non-Profits: A Sense of Place

A sense of place—this is an idea Carlos Uriona of Double Edge Theatre talked about recently in a Tedx Talk.  I think this is particularly important for artists.  In his talk, Carlos tells of his journey from Argentina all the way to Ashfield, MA, USA to Double Edge Theatre.  Carlos was an artist and theatre […]


When asked the question “what do you want to do with your degree in theatre?” I always respond with the same sentiment: I just want to talk to people for the rest of my life. People often give a thoughtful nod and a contemplative humph, which allows me to elaborate: communication is essential to theatre […]

Teaching with a Dramaturgical Eye

I read a really compelling post today about one of the American education system’s biggest, most glaring flaws. Incidentally, I found it because it was posted to Facebook by one of my favorite high school teachers (who has since moved from my high school to teach at the local Montessori middle school). He was an […]

They need it more than we do.

Hey fellow theatre students: Why do we spend so much time and effort into making theatre that nobody will see? At least, nobody other than our classmates, fellow artists, who always see it… How do we engage with new audiences? Ones whose first impulse would not be to spend their Friday night going to the […]

This One’s for the Kids

This weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing three of my peers in Phil Berman’s new play Three Blessed Brothers.  Now, compared to other plays done at Boston University, I’ll be honest– this one was an oddball. Not only was it a comedy (an unheard of type of production here in the school of theatre), […]

On the Process

I’m in a strange but enjoyable position at the moment. As I’m taking my first class on dramaturgical methods,  I’m working as the dramaturg on Boston University’s production of Stephen Berkoff’s  Metamorphosis, which started rehearsals this past Tuesday. This is the second show where I’ve had the title of ‘dramaturg,’ and the first where I feel I’m […]