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Stories Worth Telling

I recently read a blog post by my classmate, Ally, in response to Scott Slavin’s post about solo performance on HowlRound. In Ally’s post, she concludes that the main purpose of solo performance is telling a story worth knowing. I agree, and further ask, what constitutes a story worth knowing? Both Scott and Ally remark […]

Survival and Money

I was recently watching a conversation between Anne Bogart and Leon Ingulsrud of the SITI Company, and Stacy Klein, Carlos Uriona, and Matthew Glassman of Double Edge Theatre on the HowlRound TV archives. Towards the end of the conversation, an audience member asked a question about how to excite and engage others to create a […]

Currency of Exchange

Over the course of the past four years, my understanding of theatre as a young adult has shifted and morphed countless times, namely, my idea of how I wish to practice theatre. At Boston University, I’ve had the privilege of taking many exciting movement, voice, acting, and other related classes, yet the university form has […]

A Solution (maybe) for Non-Profits: A Sense of Place

A sense of place—this is an idea Carlos Uriona of Double Edge Theatre talked about recently in a Tedx Talk.  I think this is particularly important for artists.  In his talk, Carlos tells of his journey from Argentina all the way to Ashfield, MA, USA to Double Edge Theatre.  Carlos was an artist and theatre […]

Art Against Apathy

I love making connections—between people, places, and especially, ideas.  This weekend, I did just that.  On Friday night, I hopped in a car and made my way to Hartford, CT to see a production of Double Edge Theatre’s The Grand Parade (of the 20th Century) at Trinity College.  I had seen a rehearsal of this […]

The Arts Can’t Rely On Money

Yesterday, I received an email forwarded to me, from Erin Williams, Cultural Development Officer of the city, Worcester, MA.  The email was entitled, “Invest in our Cultural Facilities.”   It asked me to sign a petition to the Governor of Massachusetts in regards to the Cultural Facilities Fund.   The Cultural Facilities Fund “was designed as a […]

Limits and Learning

What are my limits?  As a theatre artist, this is a question I constantly ask of myself.  In my physical theatre training, I never stop pushing to discover new physical limits.  I can only bend so far before I break—these answers are concrete.  However, another part of this question exists in a non-physical realm. In […]