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Taylor Mac is Taylor Mac is Taylor Mac

Taylor Mac is Taylor Mac is Taylor Mac

At the same Art and Social Change event I mentioned in my previous post, and what Jesse Richardson-Bull talks about here, the effervescent Taylor Mac (PGP: “judy”) was slated to speak. Mac was going to be the last to speak after four of judy’s contemporaries, and I was not alone in my anticipation of the […]

The New Drug

I have been thinking about self-care. As artists in a high intensity conservatory program, it is a word that’s passed around a lot. The importance of it. The lack of it. There are conversations, celebrations, interventions and reminders. Even memes. All in the name of Self-Care™. Why? I believe it as a response to a […]

“Creative License” – Crossing the Line in Cloud 9

I want to talk about the line between exercising “creative license” and respecting a copyrighted, published work.  Do you know that line?  Have you ever encountered it?  Have you ever crossed it? I ask these questions not to condemn or chastise, but to generate awareness and to strike up what I believe is an important conversation.  I […]

The Art of Listening During the Revolution

We live in a world filled with disaster, strife, injustice, hate, and greed. I decided to pursue a career in the arts because I want to illuminate the other side of the coin; the side that glistens with hope, love, miracles, kindness, and novelty. I have conceded that one cannot exist without the other. The moments […]

The Terrific in Terror

I am terrified to graduate university. I am a Junior B.F.A. Theatre Arts major at Boston University (B.U.), cultivating a plethora of skills, engaging in conversations within and outside of the School, and identifying my own values and voice. The School of Theatre at B.U. is holistically preparing me to enter life after university, to […]

Women and their Closets

Doctor – man. Nurse – woman. Teacher – woman. Professor – man. Director – man. Dramaturg – woman. The latter relationships between (the) gender (binary) and occupation is unsettling and unfortunately present in our daily lives. Although we look to our work to push the envelope of art itself and our communities, the hierarchies that […]

What and How?

The first time I went to New York I was 16. I remember being so excited – as I was very recently getting into theatre – and viewed Broadway as the be-all, end-all of theatre: the best of the best. Before I left though, I was baffled at the amount of friends and family I […]