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Five More Minutes, Mom!!!

I seriously considered not coming back to school this year. My mom and I got into a fight and she threatened to stop her financial contributions to my life and I, for sure, thought I was going to drop out. The money that she is able to give me makes a significant difference in my […]

Reject Me!

REEEEJECTION. OKAY. Okay. I pride myself on how well I can take rejection–what makes people immediately sink to the floor, think about everything wrong with them, and everything bad that’s ever happened to them, find someone to blame, and then harbor anger and insecurity for months, just makes me shrug, and listen to “Super Trooper” on […]

I don’t think you’re ready for this BFA jelly…

Second semester senior year is a special time in one’s life. It revolves around the promise of the future. It’s, of course, reminiscent of that time in high school when you’re waiting to hear if an institution desires your presence. This time ’round, we’re patiently waiting for the world, seriously anyone in the world, to […]

Why My Arts Training is Making Me the Person I Need to Be

I guess you could say I applied as a Stage Management major on a whim. I was labelled as the “stage manager” of my high school technical theatre group, but since we were primarily the school’s event production service I  did not get much experience with theatrical productions, and only dabbled in the actual duties […]

A Love Affair with Theatre

Today a group of young theater artists are gathered on the fourth floor of Boston University’s College of Fine arts about to audition for the School of Theater. They are nervous and excited and right at the precipice into their journey as theatre artists. I had the pleasure this summer of working at Boston University’s […]

Chicken Soup for the Dramaturg’s Soul

“I live in the world. The theatre is where I go to work,” quoth Canadian playwright George F. Walker in an interview with dramaturg and Milwaukee Repertory Theatre literary manager Paul Kosidowski. This very measured distinction struck me as helpful and healthy. My experience working towards my BFA in the School of Theatre has often […]

Patience is a Virtue

When I graduate I want to start a theater company. When I graduate I wanted to start a theater company? When I look around at theater around me and when I am with a group of peers riffing on our ideas of a dream theatrical experience I can hardly stop myself from bouncing off the […]