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COLOR-BLIND HEROISM! (A plea to pilot season 2017)

Dear Hollywood [actually I’m referring specifically to the network and studio presidents that possess a troubling amount of indirect influence over the consciousness of the mass/general population], You are FINALLY entering the last leg of Pilot Season 2017! Scripts have been refined, not polished, but refined. Budgets have been negotiated, and the production plans have been set! […]

Tabloid Theatre! The Dramaturgical Question in Celebrity Casting

Oh, what a tangled web we weave in a conservatory program like the Boston University School of Theatre. Theatremaking is often personal. The process of honing that craft is, in my experience, always personal. We work from what we know, adapting our raw material—depending on one’s approach images, memories, imaginative prompts, etc.—to suit the task at hand. No […]