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From Broadway to Hollywood to Sochi

Daniel Ezralow in Sochi    Daniel Ezralow certainly has some amazing accomplishments under his belt. As a renowned choreographer, he has taken on incredible projects. For the theatre, he has choreographed The Green Bird in 2000, Cats in Italy in 2009 for Compagnia della Rancia and is the choreographer for the new musical adaptation of the […]

Are We Not Entertained?

Summer movie blockbuster season might be my favorite time of for movies in that my brain can have a rest from the cerebral work from Oscar season, which we currently are entering. That said, now that it is time for Oscar-bait, movies that are considered the most artistic, its a bit disjointed to hear about […]

What and How?

The first time I went to New York I was 16. I remember being so excited – as I was very recently getting into theatre – and viewed Broadway as the be-all, end-all of theatre: the best of the best. Before I left though, I was baffled at the amount of friends and family I […]

Tabloid Theatre! The Dramaturgical Question in Celebrity Casting

Oh, what a tangled web we weave in a conservatory program like the Boston University School of Theatre. Theatremaking is often personal. The process of honing that craft is, in my experience, always personal. We work from what we know, adapting our raw material—depending on one’s approach images, memories, imaginative prompts, etc.—to suit the task at hand. No […]

Toxic or Stronger for Broadway?

Tomorrow night, Broadway’s Foxwood Theater will depart from its current show of Spiderman: Turn off the Dark and premier, for a single night, SPEARS: The Gospel According to Britney. I would like to take a moment for this idea to percolate into the consciousness. The musical tells the story of Jesus Christ from birth to […]

Why Do We Clap?

This last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing the first preview performance of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot with Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. First and foremost, the play was wonderful. The entire company put forth such thoughtful and inspiring work. It almost felt like the Theatrical Powers That Be kissed my […]

Does Size Matter? (Yeah, probably?)

This quarter, the School of Theatre is producing an all-female Romeo and Juliet (playing October 23rd-27th in Jewels 1!). I’m lucky enough to be a part of it, and as we close up our 4th week of rehearsal, I’m starting to feel a much stronger ownership of the play and our approach to it. The […]