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Ivy League Arts

The Harvard Crimson recently posted about the new “Theater, Dance and Media” major or rather concentration to be offered for its students for fall of 2015. At first, being at BU in its B.F.A. Theatre Arts major, I think it can’t as good as our program because it’s so broad. I am proud of my […]

What I Learned From…

As I slowly began my ascent out of tech week for a Femina Shakes production of Henry IV, Part One (shameless plug) an article entitled “What I Learned from Not Rehearsing Shakespeare Plays” began to circulate through my newsfeed on various social media platforms. Of course I had to read it… what kind of SM doesn’t read […]

Giving Back To Your Artistic Upbringing (where the f**k am I moving?)

No mater where we start, the conversation of “where are you moving?” constantly works its way into conversation between my peers and I. As the Senior Class prepares to go out into the nation and become active theatre artists, I often find that I am torn between moving to some grand city (alright, lets be […]

A Doll House at Boston University

I first encountered Ibsen’s A Doll House on a Megabus on my way home to Connecticut this past summer, and I must admit I was originally not a fan of the play. I felt that I spent so much of the piece in utter disgust at the manner in which Nora and Torvald interacted, and frustration towards Nora […]

Ready or not, tech has come

For most of us here at BU, this weekend is the start of tech. I personally love tech. I really do enjoy the rehearsal process but there is just something about tech that I enjoy. However, with tech there often comes no sleep, more stress, and a time to have everything finished. An issue that […]

Why My Arts Training is Making Me the Person I Need to Be

I guess you could say I applied as a Stage Management major on a whim. I was labelled as the “stage manager” of my high school technical theatre group, but since we were primarily the school’s event production service I  did not get much experience with theatrical productions, and only dabbled in the actual duties […]

The Terrific in Terror

I am terrified to graduate university. I am a Junior B.F.A. Theatre Arts major at Boston University (B.U.), cultivating a plethora of skills, engaging in conversations within and outside of the School, and identifying my own values and voice. The School of Theatre at B.U. is holistically preparing me to enter life after university, to […]

Exploring Shepard in 2013

Howlround’s Lily Janiak recently wrote a wonderful essay regarding one of my favorite plays of all time, Sam Shepard’s Buried Child. She uses a recent production at the Magic Theatre in San Francisco as a jumping off point, going into discussions regarding how this piece of theatre allowed her insight into her southern roots in a way […]

Out with the old and in with the new… plays, that is

New plays. Everyone seems to have their opinion on new plays. For some reason, I find that the largest issue at hand is this idea that new plays and the classics cannot live together in one world. Granted this is not the view of most theatre artists or their audiences, but I find that most […]

txt me Kafka ;)

This medium does not convey my voice, your voice, or any other’s voice. It may imply it, but it does not illustrate the nuance of inflection, the candor of tone, or the musical quality of every pause, stammer, and mispronunciation. All of this is inherent in the unwritten contract that we, the audience, agrees to […]

Failing and Trying – The Advantages of Theatremaking in the University Setting

A topic that’s been circulating back around on the blog in the past few weeks has been the BU School of Theatre’s place in the larger university setting, specifically in terms of uniting with the larger university curricula and sharing what we in the SOT have to offer with a university-wide audience (See: Rachel Rees’ […]

We Need Them. They Need Us. Where’s the Problem?

Reading the blog this week, I was struck by something that one of my fellow classmates, Rachel Rees, said in her post, “They need it more than we do.” She argued that the members of CFA should share their art with the larger university because the larger university is in need of the type of […]

The “POWER” of Duff: A show worth experiencing

This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing several pieces of truly incredible theatre. Everything I saw was inspiring and noteworthy. Even a week later I am still digesting what I saw. Although I would love to chat about all three of the shows, I will focus primarily on The Huntington Theatre Company’s The […]

They need it more than we do.

Hey fellow theatre students: Why do we spend so much time and effort into making theatre that nobody will see? At least, nobody other than our classmates, fellow artists, who always see it… How do we engage with new audiences? Ones whose first impulse would not be to spend their Friday night going to the […]

For All Audiences?

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing Romeo and Juliet directed by Adrienne Boris at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. The cast was an all female ensemble and full of some of the most talented women I know. It was a joy to watch and to me, I found it to be crystal […]

Reflection on Process: The Normal Heart

I greatly appreciate the blogs, “On Darkness and Audience,” and “A Queer Eye for The Normal Heart,” that have been posted about the recent production at Boston University on The Normal Heart. I want to thank you not only your attendance at the production, but also for your thoughtful reflection about it.  They have provided me the […]

I’m a Woman. Now What?

I’ve never considered myself a “feminist” in the stereotypical sense, yet I’m beginning to wonder why.  I am a woman, after all, and fundamentally believe in universal equality.  However, I’m staring to realize that the level of prejudice of every nature still exists in the world, in greater amounts than I’d like to admit. I’m […]

Back Bog Ghost Girls

I just had the pleasure of watching Sam Shepard’s Back Bog Beast Bait at the Boston University Theatre, a performance that completes the BU Fringe Festival.  The show was lovely.  I was completely captivated by the story the second the preshow started. The women of the preshow are what I would love to discuss.  The […]

Thank You Laurie Anderson

Last Thursday night, I had the privilege of listening to Laurie Anderson speak the keynote address for the Transcultural Exchange Conference held at Boston University. The theme of the conference was Engaging Minds – and Laurie Anderson definitely engaged my mind. I’ve had the chance to see Laurie Anderson in performance, but it was such […]