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A Response to the Huntington’s THE WHO AND THE WHAT

Walking into the Calderwood Pavilion for a Sunday matinee I was unsurprised by the audience make-up, mostly older and white, with about six to seven people my age and about twenty people of color, including a Muslim Sudanese couple, and two parties of Muslim Pakistanis, who introduced themselves as such when they spoke during the […]

What It’s All About

Pacific Overtures has so far been one of the most challenging shows I’ve ever run. Second only, I think, to the Shakespeare in the woods I SMed this summer. I’ve stated several times throughout the process that this show makes me feel dumb at stage management. There are so many things going on sometimes that […]

Theatre for Theatremakers: Bridge Rep’s “The Libertine”

In the second elephant scene of the Huntington Theatre Company’s The Jungle Book, Colonel Hathi says to his troupe, “Our strategery shall be: the element of surprise!” In immediate response, one member of the elephant ranks looks straight at the audience with a bright smile, pops his foot, and gives his best jazz hands. (I […]