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Visual Stroytelling

Something that has started to interest me more and more is the way that theatre makers create the visual landscape of the play. How do we read a script and then from that, develop the visual world of the play, drawing on scenery, lights, costumes, and more? The visual world of the play has its […]

Theatrical Experiences and Storytelling

HowlRound director, Polly Carl, came for a class workshop/discussion last week. One point that really stuck out to me was her broader outlook of theatre as storytelling; in this way, the confinements of what we think the allowed materials to make theatre performances are less ingrained. Going to see Sleep No More in New York […]

A Vincent Van Gogh Musical

The Huffington Post Arts & Culture recently published an article on their website about a new musical about Vincent Van Gogh called “Vincent”. The arts editors created a fake playbill satirizing the event and artistic creation. I found it intriguing to be exposed to this news in such a opinionated way so I tried to […]

Why Can’t It Be Something New?

A few weeks ago NBC showed their “live performance” of the theatrical version of The Sound of Music. While I didn’t watch the live telecast , NBC posted the full version on line and I was able to watch it over the weekend. Being in theatre school, working on an opera, and knowing a bounce […]

Modern Adaptations

Between our in class presentations, and an article making the rounds on reddit, and writing my own reflections on my work this semester, I’m thinking about adaptations again. Specifically, I’m wondering what makes for a successful adaptation of non-theatrical and non-traditional source material? I found it interesting that both Steelbound and Polaroid Stories were dual-adaptations; a mixture of Greek […]

The Seagull & Affordable Theatre

This past weekend, I ventured away from the grimy streets of Allston into downtown Boston to see some theatre.  It was The Seagull by Anton Chekhov, performed by Harbor Stage Company at Suffolk University’s Modern Theatre.  This version was an adaptation by Robert Kropf, Artistic Director of Harbor Stage.  From the moment I walked in […]

Artistry, History, or Gimmick?

This fall, Broadway will be graced with a bit of tradition. The London Globe productions of Shakespeare’s Richard the 3rd  and Twelfth Night; or What you Will are coming to New York for a strict sixteen-week engagement. Both shows will begin previews October 15th and besides featuring renowned actor and former Globe artistic director, Mark […]