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TONYC and Audience Participation

This week with a few of my peers, I attended an Art and Social Change event. The event opened with 90 minutes of a Theatre of the Oppressed NYC Forum Play. According to the TONYC website, these Forum Plays are designed by TONYC’s troupes “all over New York City in collaboration with a range of local communities, including […]

Theatre Meets Environmental Activism

Theatre Meets Environmental Activism

Elspeth Tilley, professor of theatre and creative activism at New Zealand’s Massey University, as well as director, playwright, and actor, discusses where theatre meets climate change activism in light of the recently signed Paris Agreement. In her Theatre in the Age of Climate Change: An Educator’s View she addresses the question: How can we, theatre […]

What’s the Point of Social Media Anyway?

What follows is an article about the uses of social media platforms presented on a social media platform and shared on at least one other social media platform. Image of an Unknown Young Woman by Elinor Cook premiered last June at the Gate Theatre in London. In the play, an instance of violence is caught on camera in the middle […]

The Transformative Power of Theatre

I am a true believer in the power of theatre to transform communities.  This is why I work with Arts After Hours in Lynn, MA.  Arts After Hours is dedicated to revitalizing and changing the economy of Lynn–a city mired in years of economic stagnation. Another theatre company, New Brooklyn Theater, that also believes in […]

Oh, Casting

Reading MJ Kaufman‘s article about casting trans-gender actors in productions has opened my eyes on how important it is to think of the message that will be sent to audiences every time a casting decision is made. It is important to be aware of the cultural and political statements that people will be making, whether […]